Office 365 Home / Family: Does it also have a Tenant ? (Migrating to Business E3)

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Does Office 365 Home / Family also have a tenant ?

Reason i am asking: Client is using Office 365 Family to license the desktop apps and use onedrive / teams.

Mails are currently on a IMAP service.

Currently they are using personal microsoft accounts like email address removed for privacy reasons


I want to migrate the Client to Office 365 Busniess (E3 accounts). I have setup the tenant. Now i want to add the domain and i get this error:


Remove domain from another account


We can't add this domain to your account because other people have already signed up for

‎Microsoft 365‎ using an email address ending in


Is this because their using Office 365 Family with e-mail adressess also ending in ? Or did somebody added the domain to a real Office 365 Tenant ?

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 I believe that every instance of M365 is considered a tenant.

From Microsoft Support, 

"I have a commercial Microsoft 365 subscription. Can I use the custom domain tied to my commercial email account as a personalized email address on

No. You can't use the same email address for a commercial Microsoft 365 email account and a consumer Microsoft 365 or account."



Not quit sure about this. In A O365 Family / Home you can't add a custom domain. It is linked to a personal microsft account...

Also Family / Home does not offer a EOL e-mail adress, you need a personal microsoft account


You are correct, there is NOT a tenant concept under Home \ Family edition