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Hello , am having an issue while creating office 365, Its not working since 1 month nearly , what is the cause of this error? please need your help !!

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I’d suggest you contact Microsoft support for this

okey , thank you , but this problem is for everyone not just me , you can try it :

Hey @khalilcom ,


Just tested it using the link you shared for a trial Business premium subscription and I was able to get in without any issues. The issue doesn't seem to be a global one, are you trying to avail a trial subscription or buying one? Try with a different browser with different details to verify. Also sometimes office 365 trial signup has issues verifying your identity when you are using a VoIP number, try using a regular cell number. Rest if nothing works Microsoft support is the last resort.



thank you for your reply, even if it works , there is no licenses @harveer singh i have tried what you told me btw and yes i use real number not a voip and after filling up the information it led me to previous error on my post ! really can't find where is the problem!
new error.png

Hey @khalilcom,


I think i have seen that screen a few times, if you were able to get through the sign up page and then landed on this screen. Try logging in with the account you created directly into admin center and see if it works, link for admin center : 

If you are able to log in check the licenses under billing section.