office rest API to find office online license details for user

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We are building an app which has Microsoft office login through oauth 2.0 where user can login and if user valid office online user we will authorize user to access our app.

In this scenario, once user is logged in and we will receive access token and consent from him to access his office resources details.

What I want to know is there any rest API which I can call to verify that user is having valid office online license and can use office online products such as Microsoft online Excel etc.






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Thanks for the reply, Shantha.


I got license details from the API you mentioned. But I want to know which service plans refers to office online subscription with online excel as I want to verify it by code

Please can you guide me where I can know more about this license details api response.

hi. you can search in: and the json of sku of the tenat. In this first file, you can see the column GUID and the second file, you can see the column skuid.