Office 306 Offline applications for Ubuntu (Please?)

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Given that Microsoft has shifted its focus to delivering Azure and Cloud solutions to a wider audience ("Whatever platform it may be on") It would be awesome to see Office365 also available for Ubuntu/Linux, as it is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS, (No doubt iPadOS soon too), Chromebooks and even Android (Technically Linux) but Ubuntu Desktop (and thus any derivatives) currently lack it, and would be essential. We do use a few Ubuntu-Based workstations here for more specialist tasks, where only web based access and simple office workflow is required or for server administration, though for office we have to make do with Libre/Open/WPS Office and either Outlook web or Evolution Mail. 


Seeing the fully fledged Office365 suite on this distro would be a great relief for us.

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@Deleted thanks for those! I have upvoted both.

both of the ones linked above are now gone, the closest i can find to those two are these:
- Microsoft To Do

- Onedrive
- Onenote

- Access
perhaps they want to submit a request for each individual app we want, currently there are no requests for word, excel, powerpoint, outlook or sharepoint