Not able to attach a onedrive link from within Outlook 2016

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I have my files in Onedrive and I am using Outlook 2016. When I attach a file (from my Windows Explorer/Onedrive folder) or choosing Browse web locations/Onedrive I am never given the option of attaching it as a link instead of the whole file.
Of course I can go to the file and press share to generate a link (and copy paste it into the outlook message) but it would be much more easier and efficient if I just could choose link (or file) when I use the attachment option on a onedrive file from within Outlook.
Is this possible?

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Have you connected your Onedrive account to Office / logged in to office with same account as Onedrive under the accounts tab?

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,

Yes, I am logged in with my private o365 credentials, the same as the outlook account.


@Joao Casqueiro Did you check the Outlook option shown here?2019-11-12_18-44-43.png

@Rob Ellis 

Hi Rob,

Yes, it is enabled.


@Joao Casqueiro  

Is your outlook signed in to O365 account. File--> account check the status.

In outlook, can you select the Cloud attachments . 


Please refer the below article.


Hi James,

The problem is not with which shows me the option of attaching as a link. The issue is with Outlook 2016 desktop and yes, I am logged in to my O365 account and I can select Cloud attachments. The issue is that it doesn't ask me if I want to insert the link or the file, it just attaches the file.


@Joao Casqueiro I am having the same issue with Outlook. Did you ever find a solution?


Same thing here.

When I join a recent files, it works. It create an OneDrive link. 

But when I do Attach then Browse cloud locations and choose a file from OneDrive it attach the file not the link. I can upload the file in OneDrive but it will do it in another directory on OneDrive... So no interest.


I use Outlook desktop Microsoft 365 apps.

@Joao Casqueiro Old post, but I was just having this same problem with Outlook 365.  I went into the Outlook...Options...Attachment Options.  My setting was "Ask me how I want to attach item every time" but it was not working, rather it always attached copies.  I changed the setting to "Always share them as links".  I then successfully created a test email to verify that it was creating the attachments as links.  I then returned to Outlook...Options...Attachment Options and reselected "Ask me how I want to attach item every time".  I created a second test email with an attachment and it prompted me for link vs. attachment.  We will see if it holds, but working correctly for now.  Hopefully this helps someone in the same situation.

I continue to have this issue off and on. I was told by my help desk support that it had to do with mouse drivers, so i replaced my mouse with a wired mouse (which oddly worked...) but that is just too cumbersome sometimes.


Is there a reliable fix for this yet? I have even gone into Outlook options and selected General/Attachment Options/"Always share them as links", then rebooted....and when I have it all up and running again it still attaches a copy and not a link, without giving me an option.


This is a fundamental issue that needs to be fixed. I don't want my org sending a million duplicates of files when the whole point of O365 is to collab in one space whenever possible.

@michelle_kirk , am having the same issue. changed outlook mail setting to always attach as link and it worked once, then went back to always adding the file itself, even when i browse onedrive. anyone have more input?