My wife's Google cal is empty when I share it to Outlook. Could there be a corruption in the cal?

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I have been able to subscribe to and view events on my wife's calendar in Outlook for years. Recently it started to have problems. I unsubscribed and now when I try to subscribe to it again (using both secret link and public link) the calendar appears empty in Outlook. 
I WAS able to work with someone from Microsoft Support who tested this in his own account with his own Google calendar and got it to work. I also tested it in Outlook with a different Google calendar and it worked fine. That's why I think it has something to do with with my wife's calendar specifically.
Could there be a corrupt event or something that is preventing this from working? There are no errors thrown nor indication of any problem.
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I may be onto something. I tried to IMPORT the ics file to an empty calendar in Outlook web. I got an error message saying there was an issue and that I should try again later. Then I tried to import it to Outlook on the desktop. On the desktop version I can see TONS of errors getting thrown. Almost every error is the same thing:

Task 'Internet Calendar Subscriptions' reported error (0x0004002B) : 'Outlook cannot parse the property "TRIGGER", near line 888. The property is being ignored.'

the  line is different each time.


When I look at the actual .ics file, I can see that this is the TRIGGER that's causing the problem:



That seems to be caused by something that Google puts in their calendars (apparently it's standard but Microsoft doesn't like it). And it seems that because there are SO MANY errors that Outlook just gives up at some point. I know that because I edited the .ics file down to just a few events and the calendar imports perfectly.


SO ... does anyone know how to either get rid of this TRIGGER or reduce the number of events that are being synced? She has like 10 years of events in her calendar.




I think I've found a solution. Someone on a Google forum suggested that i use a site called

It allows you to filter a ical subscription to reduce the number of events to be loaded. 


Someone else mentioned that there IS a limit of 1111 events that can be loaded. Can anyone from MSFT confirm that? If so, that is definitely the problem was i was trying to load thousands of events from my wife's calendar which goes back about 10 years.

@sgreenblatt Hello Sgreenblat! Three years later I had a similar problem to yours (your fix didn't work for me, but it doesn't mater), i'd like to thank you for explaining your fix research even if no one replied to you, that's admirable and the internet should thank you!