MS Teams Update Cadence

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We have started a POC with the MS Teams desktop app within our organisation. To date, users have installed the MS teams desktop app on their corporate laptops themselves and it auto-updated. We are now looking at deploying using the machine wide installer and controlling the update frequency. This is because we now have our own O365 instance and MS teams cloud backend as part of our M365 licenses. This raises the question:


  1. How often is the MS teams desktop app updated? Is there a defined release cadence?

  2. Is there more than one update channel available for it for enterprise customers?

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Hi, this is quite a difficult subject to explain as there are so many "rings" when it comes to Teams and the new releases.

This is the official docs for the Teams updates

Here's a blog post about it

You have the "Public Preview" options and just now they released the "Follow Office Preview" policy so you can use that too

Hope that answers some of your questions.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Very useful info!