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Hello All,

I run Microsoft 365 on my MacBookAir M1 16GB. And it works really great. I can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. And I'm really happy with it. However some features are missing on Mac.

These last three weeks I had an intensive course on Excel (Data, VBA, macros). And while trying to do my homework at home on my Mac, I realised that some functionality are not available on my Excel on my Mac.


  • On Excel on my Mac I DO NOT have access to "View Object". While trying to create a form, I only have access to "View Code". I do not have access to "View Object".
  • On Excel on Windows I DO have access to "View Object".

(see print screens below attached)

While creating forms it makes a HUGE difference having access to "View Object".

Does anyone know when these basic differences will be fixed between Microsoft 365 Mac and Microsoft 365 Windows ?

It would be great to have no differences.

Many thanks.

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@SergioM73 Unfortunately, (and you probably don't want to hear this, BUT) Microsoft doesn't have any intentions to bridge that gap in the differences between Mac and Windows. In fact, they purposely keep the platforms different, which was why I went BACK to using a PC in the business environment.
PSST - The dirty little secret comes right back down to the fact that Microsoft doesn't like Apple, plain and simple. SO.... the Microsoft product will always be the more robust of the two. <wink>
Consequently, (and currently) the most honest and best answer to your question asking "when" Microsoft plans to make the two platforms parallel would be:


P.S. I truly hope I am wrong, but this has been the status quo since the beginning of time. :cool:



Yes, there is different experience between MAC and Windows

@jeffbloomer Thank you for your message.

...then, I think that Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac will be a good workaround.

I tried their free version for a few days.

However, I'm not sure which Edition is better, "Standard Edition" or "Pro Edition". 

It'll only be for Excel VBA and Power BI.

Do you think the "Standard Edition" is enough ? 

Yes. I know it.