Excel Share missing option to send as PDF

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As of Friday, I was still able to click on "Share" in Excel. At the bottom of the box there were two options to "Send As" either a PDF or Workbook. This is no longer there, and I can't seem to find it anywhere else either. I use this to send invoices to clients as PDF's so that they don't accidentally change something on the invoice. Where is this function at now? 

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@TheGMan2020 did you fix the problem?

i got the same problem files that did not got saved i can still share as pd but the moment you save a file on onedrive you can only send a link. and i still want to send a pdf instead of a link

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I have exactly the same problem. The Share dialogue box is there for a millisecond then replaced with the Send Link dialogue box.
I have found a workaround. Once you are presented with the Send Link dialogue box, press Shift-tab and you will be sent back to the Share dialogue box.



@CateMetz24 Fantastic! Not sure how you stumbled upon that, but thanks a million for the tip!

Awesome Cate!

Microsoft this is ANNOYING! You probably can't imaging how many of users have spent wasted time on this!

This is AWESOME!!!  I have had this issue for the past couple of weeks and it has been driving me insane!  Thank you for this crazy workaround!! @CateMetz24 

@mmkcomer  I note this issue has now been fixed in the latest software update

@CateMetz24 I just noticed that yesterday - guess it was an oversight.  Glad it's fixed!