Is there a way I can see all activity in a shared calendar through an audit log or change log?

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I am creating a vacation calendar that would allow all users to edit (add their own vacation/off days) and am worried that someone might accidentally delete someone else's vacation event. I want to have access to the logs to see who deleted the event if it ever happens. Where would I find that? Does it even exist?


On the other hand, is there a way for me to set permissions so users can only edit their own content rather than a complete edit priv? Either a room calendar or shared mailbox? tried both briefly but havent been able to figure out how.

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What did you find when you looked up the audit log and what it can capture?
What kind of calendar is the Vacation Calendar?
Is it on a Shared Mailbox?
Is it on an office 365 group mailbox/Calendar?
Is it a SharePoint Calendar?
Why not set the permissions so users can only delete their own events?
You could add an Approval system and they only get added after it is approved.


You can also setup alerts to send email when an event is deleted or go and look at Flow to see if there is a template there, and if not, you can make your own.


There are a lot of options you have

Without the main details, it will be hard to give a solution. Let us know.



The audit log I am looking at is in 365 admin -> compliance -> audit. Nothing related to calendar changes show up there. Did some tests by deleting/adding events.

The calendar type does not matter as long as I can view changes/edits made on the calendar.

It is currently a 365 calendar belonging to a test user account. so basically a personal shared calendar.

Where would I find permissions to only allow users to delete their own events? The sharing permissions are either view or full edit.