Impacts of changing default domain in Office 365 tenancy?

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A client of mine has decided to change their company name and default email domain, an I have a few questions about what this impacts.

  1. Can I simply add the new domain to my current Office365 tenancy, or do I have to stand up a whole new Office 365 tenant, specifically for the new domain?
  2. If I can just add the new domain to my current tenancy, how would I configure Office 365 to have each user log in with their new credentials (i.e. vs
  3. Will Outlook automatically reconfigure itself for the new email domain?
  4. Do users’ local OneDrive folder get renamed to “OneDrive – New Company Name”?  If not, what would need to be done for OneDrive to reflect the new company name?
  5. Do OneNote Notebooks get renamed to the new domain name, and will the local clients reflect this?
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Hi - any updates on this ? I just started a PM role on a company rebrand and could do with pointers on what resources to use, impact on users and apps, when to change UPN etc.
Hello, how did everyone get on with their re brand and UPN change projects? Did anyone have to rename their O365 and Azure tenants also?
Any information or feedback on how it went would be greatly appreciated.