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Hello everyone
I am ROR developer working on a application in which I have to read emails received on this office365  account via IMAP but currently I am not able to login via IMAP (did logged in once about 5 to 6 months ago by disabling "security defaults", but this thing is not working now).
I don't have enough technical knowledge of Azure or Exchange I just want to login remotely using IMAP and read emails. I went through the docs but at the end, I was just confused.
Preferably I want to login without  following OAUTH flow if it is possible on today's date (26 sept 23) but if there is no way forward without OAUTH then guide me to login using OAUTH.
Please tell what i need enable/disable , 2FA, security defaults anything else. as It is urgent. thank you.

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Any changes recently for the account? If not, please verify IMAP setting under the account in the first place:


Manage email apps settings