How useless can support be ?

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I have to say as much as i respect Bil Gates and his contribution to the modern World the direction Microsoft with its support for Hosted Office / Outlook makes me think twice if i want to continue that path. 

I had the following issue, i have a user which has a large email box which was close to 50 gb and we need it to make space, so we assigned a Archive to that box and it moved all emails older then 2 years to that archive. All well but come to find out you can't access the archive or search from your iPhone. So, we ended up upgrading mailbox to 100 GB storage. Now we tried to disable the archiving in portal for the box which created an error. So that's where nightmare started.


Called and got a they call it now "Ambassador" she had no clue and told me to back up my mail to a local file. At 30+ GB and 400 K messages that's not a real solution. So i ask for an escalation and was told 2 hr's. This Ambassador was from Canada. As i didn't here anything by almost noon, i opened new case, the person who called me was a female from some Asian country again with little to no knowledge on the product and how to solve the issue. She agreed to escalate to get me the call back from a Supervisor. An hr later I got a call from a VoIP line which so so quality and i stated my problem and he said he didn't know how top fix the issue. At which point i said , cant i just disable archiving on the source mailbox at which he said that should work.  To the question how to transfer his answer is Downloading 30 + GB of messages to a pst and then upload it again.   Did they ever try that ? Downloading and uploading messages is painfully slow. I can push a regular download with less than 30 sec per gb.

Thats not the point here, the frustration is the cheap unqualified support you get for hosted exchange from Microsoft and the lack of accountability. It seems what ever happens happens and end of week it ends up in a giant recycle folder which gets purged.

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