Force PowerPoint to open a new file? OneDrive for Business/SharePoint sync issue?


I am using PowerPoint on macOS. Our work has Office 365/OneDrive for Business and a co-worker shared a pptx file with me and I opened it with desktop app. All was well until a point a few days ago when something got corrupted with the file and he wasn't able to save any changes even though he was the creator/owner of the file. 

Regardless, he made a copy of the file with the same name (maybe in a different directory? Not sure) and re-shared the file. 

Ever since then, whenever I open that file in the web version, I see the latest file but whenever I open it in the desktop app I see the old file. Even if I open it from the web by going to "Open in desktop app" link. 


Is there a way to force my desktop app to forget about the old file so it can open the new file properly? There are quite a few changes I'd like to make which are easier to make from the desktop app, so any help will be greatly appreciated. 

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