‎Entries made in the shared calendar are not visible to all

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We have several representatives whose calendars are shared with nine other people so that they can make entries in the representatives' calendars.


For sharing the calendar, a separate security group has been created to which these nine people have been added and each representative's calendar is shared with this group.


By default, the calendar is shared with the organization, but this sharing is disabled.


It has now emerged that the entries made to these representatives' calendars are not visible to all nine of these people. Calendar entries will appear if you delete and add the calendar again, but this cannot be a permanent solution.


As far as I understand, sharing a calendar with a group is a normal and functional solution.


Is that problem caused by the fact that the default sharing of the calendar is prohibited or what is the cause of this?

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What is the type of security group you mentioned?


mail-enabled security group