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I work for a small not for profit organisation new to Microsoft 365 (and have no experience with it or even IT in general :flushed:). We have 10 licences which have been assigned to our staff and executive committee but have not connected our existing domain as there is a warning about making sure everyone's setup with their email address otherwise they wont be able to access it.  Our problem is we have more than 10 people with existing emails although we do not need them all set up in microsoft 365.  If I connect our domain, does that mean everyone can only access their email by signing in with a microsoft 365 sign in? ie only those we've assigned a licence to will be able to access their email? Can those not assigned a licence still access their existing email?  Thank you...

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Generally speaking, you do not need to use Office 365 for email (as in, the Exchange Online service). You can continue using your current email provider, while at the same time using some of the Office 365 services and features. Adding the domain to O365 will not change anything in this regard, unless you change the corresponding DNS records as well. Make sure to skip this step, if asked. If you have no plans for using Office 365 email, you do not need to make any changes to your MX record, or any other email-related ones.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for the reply.  I was thinking we will probably have to do that.  I'm working from home and can't access my calendar or tasks which are in Outlook (desktop version) and thought what if I was using microsoft 365 mail/tasks/calendar then synced it to Outlook (desktop).  Any tips on how to set up calendar and tasks so I can access them away from the office?  

Hard to tell without knowing the type of mailbox you are using, where is it hosted, etc. As a non-profit you do get some free Microsoft 365 licenses though, so you might as well use the full suite, including email. Or you can always give it a try by provisioning a new mailbox directly in M365, then play with the experience.