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Dear Experts,

I always have a dream of creating a report in MS word, that look likes a website. as the existing report formats are not designed for reading on a screen, although MS and adobe acrobat tried to ease that it suffers from a fundamental issue that the format is for printing not reading on screen.My report in my fantasy :

  • would be based on one page with the links shown at one part with static location while scrolling down or links to other pages same as a web site.
  • have an album instead of attaching each photo separately
  • could be converted to pdf easily the same as report 

Is this possible? or still, far from reality? 

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@ArashNasr Unfortunately at this time, the first two items are not supported, if I understand what you're trying to accomplish. You can save Word documents to PDFs though. For the unsupported features, you can suggest them on our official Microsoft Word UserVoice forums here