New Group Members not seeing Appointments

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We are trying to determine why members that recently have joined a group do not see meetings that were scheduled before they joined, but are set for future dates. The one particular instance I'm chasing is a recurring meeting that was created before I joined the group. The person who created the invite has also updated the meeting details, should this not kick off some trigger to new groupies? Office 365 support has indicated that this is expected behavior. Would like to get a firm answer.

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I haven't tried this scenario

Is the issue they don't see them in their personal calendar? Or they can't see them in the Group calendar.

It makes sense to me not getting them in the personal inbox after they join. But not after an update is made.

Might look in outlook versus owa and see if there is some kind of option to "send update to all" that isn't available in outlook yet

Hi Robert,


For a user who joins an existing group, he/she should receive an email in their personal inbox with all the recurring events in that group's calendar which have future instances still remaining.


See the screenshot of an email which I received from one of my groups a little while ago.


Can you confirm no such email was received in your case? Even if this email was not received or got missed, the user should be able to see all the group's shared events on the group calendar. Can you confirm if only the new user is not seeing any events or all/some existing members also facing this issue?



Ravinevents recurring redacted.png



I just left the group and had the admin rejoin me. No email of meetings, I did get the welcome email. Looking at the calendar, I do see the normal meetings but have no visible recurring meeting appointment which exists out there. Still trying to figure out if it's just a problem with this paticular group or recurring meetings.

Tested with another group and I'm not getting any email that sumerizes appointments.

Hmm this is odd. Can you provide your email address and the group's email address? We'll have it investigated.

Can you email me direct for this info, I welcome looking at it with your team.





Did you ever resolve this - we have the exact same problem - new members are not receiving the e-mail





Unfortunately no, there seemed to be some interest from the Microsoft Product group and they were going to get with me but I never heard back. It seemed to be isolated to one group and was primarily a reoccuring appoinment that wouldn't show up in addition to members joining later in the cycle did not get a summary email of these recurring appointments. We've accepted it as a bug with that group as we've had other groups without the problem. Sometimes it makes it hard to adopt the new technology when it works *most* of the time.

We are investigating this issue and will get back to you with a resolution. Please bear with us for a bit.

We have the same problem when we add members to existing groups they don't see the existing recurring calendar appointments. Was this issues resolved? 




We are having the same issue, are there any updates?

Hi @Mark Flory@Robert Styles@Shyam Davuluru - we investigated this issue but could not find anything wrong. It could be an intermittent issue you're hitting with the service, which we apologize for.


Just to be on the same page so that we can investigate this further, are the steps below correct to reproduce the error?

1. Group ABC exists with a set of members.

2. Group ABC has recurring appointments or meetings scheduled, and has occurrences remaining in the future.

3. A new member John Doe is added to the group (either the member joins the group or is added by an Owner).

4. John Doe visits the Groups shared space on Outlook 2016 (win 32 client) or Outlook Web (OWA), looks at the Group's shared calendar and cannot see the passed or future instances of the appointment/event.


Is that correct?


cc: @Maria Kang


Several of our clients is having a problem with this as well.


As for 4. in your list you are not correct. No group members actually bothers or knows how to look in the group calendar. New members that join a group should get upcoming group events in their own calendar (if the group is set up with subscribe to group events). The same way, members that exit a group should have the upcoming group events removed from their own calendar.

Have you checked the trash folder? In my case it seems that new members do get the invites, but only in their trash folder.
Also when I create a new event in the group calendar, I get the invite in my trash folder. Other members get it in their inbox.
Can somebody confirm this behaviour or is this only happening here?

Any updates on this? 


Users expect to find meetings in their personal calendars. Hence when you are added/removed from a group you would expect your personal calendar to be updated accordingly.

We have the same issue. 

Every Month we get new joiners and leavers and need to update our Appointments manually after updating the O365 group. An automatism that add upcoming appointments to the personal calendar or send automatically the appointment invite mail to the personal inbox and also to the leavers will help us to save us time by not doing the sync between the appointments and the O365 Group.

Hi! We have same issue here....

Every Month we get new joiners and leavers and need to update our appointments manually after updating the O365 group.