Microsoft Migrates Exchange Public Folders to Office 365 Groups


Microsoft has new tools to migrate public folders (the “cockroaches of Exchange”) to Office 365 Groups. Sounds good. The good news is that the tools work, even if they need a lot of manual oversight. ISVs offer tools to do the same job with more automation. The choice is yours!

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sorry, what is the meaning of cockroaches of Exchange ? I read it in your book office 365 IT Pros and didn't get the meaning.
Thank you in advance
best response confirmed by Tony Redmond (MVP)

Public folders are called the cockroaches of Exchange because Microsoft has tried to eliminate them many times but has failed to do so (to date). The comparison comes from the assertion that cockroaches are so resilient that they would survive an atomic bomb. I first used the saying around the time of the Exchange Conference in 2012.