Removing a member from Office 365 Group will not remove scheduled meetings

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I stumbled across an issue when removing a member from an Office 365 Group. It wont acctually remove the schedueled group meetings from the users personal calender when being removed from the Group. 



Our teams collaborate in Office 365 Groups and also adds/creates meeting appointments for the group, which is an expected behaviour. As team members move across different teams, members are frequently removed from the Office 365 Group. The problem is that the scheduled meeting will still be on the users personal calender, even after being removed as a member of the Office 365 Group. The user must manually remove the meetings from his personal calender. 


Is there a way to automatically remove scheduled group meetings from the user calender when the user is removed from the group? 

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Why would it remove it? It's pretty much the same as with any other shared resource, you dont get your documents removed from SPO libraries for example. If it's a feature you think should get into the product, open a UserVoice item, if others agree and it gets enough votes, Microsoft might implement it.

Its a shared resource, as you say, but if the member "X" of that shared resource is not a member anymore, shouldnt it be removed from that member "X" personal calender?

We encountered this as well, and I agree with you Emil. If the meeting was scheduled for the group, in the context of the group, and the user is no longer a member of that group (or even if the group no longer exists) then I think it should be removed from his calendar. I can't imagine any other rationale for leaving it there. I've gone through this use case with several users and they all seem to agree that's what should happen, despite all the underlying technical reasons why it might not.


Did you submit this to UserVoice? I couldn't find it. If you did, could you share the link/title to your suggestion and I will gladly upvote it.