Delete Bunch of office365 groups

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 Santosh et al


I have close to 500 office 365 groups created by users unknowingly. I need to get rid of these groups as soon as possible. How do or what is the correct method to migrate off of the data from sharepoint site list and email conversations from this group? so that i can delete them easily?

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This something you can not do quick as you don't know what data is in the groups. Plus the groups hold mails and conversations as well.
If you want to move data i would recommend a third party tool like ShareGate to do it.

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Thanks Paul.


Can sharegate also migrate email conversation data from O365 Groups?

As far as I know, Sharegate does not migrate conversations, only files. The only way that I can think of at the moment to export the conversations is by adressing the Grap API:

This should allow you to retrieve the conversations and store them in a .csv.


I was hoping that by now it should be possible to use a PST export but that doesn't work yet with group mailboxes.

Correct, Sharegate only migrate files (SPO, ODFB)...I would also recommend to take a look at third party tools that are good with e-mail migration...
Thanks Mike.

I shall evaluate the same. Hopefully mission will be accomplished.

I've used MigrationWiz for migrating to and from Office 365 Groups in the past. I find that it's easy to use, you can do this all through PowerShell and it can handle both mail content and the files.

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we do have Migratioonwiz tool. Are you sure that i can migrate contents from office365 to other location?


Do you have screenshots which i can try to migrate office365 contents?

Hi Matt. Good to hear our MigrationWiz is fitting this need. Vinod and Matt, I'm on the BitTitan Team. Feel free to reach out to me via Private Message if you want to discuss conversations and files migration to and from Office 365 Groups.

I've worked with BitTitan in the past on this and they're very good with assisting with such migrations. Vinod, you will be in very good hands with Darrell I'm sure, but please let me know if you need any other assistance, I've worked with BitTitan a lot in the past.