office 365 groups visible in outlook 2016 client.

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Hi I have an problem not seeing any office 365 group or even any group maps or tabs in our outlook 2016 client.

Today reinstall the client to his latest version, delete profiles en recreate them, update some office 365 licences from business premium to E3 but nothing works. In outlook web I see the groups I can create join users etc and can work with them but in the clients nothing.
We have al users in the cloud. The only reason I can think about is that we use the Dutch office 2016 version?


Who can help me so I and my colleagues can work with Office 365 groups in the outlook client?




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Can you see the groups when using Outlook Web App ?

Hi Ian


Yes see printscreen attached.



Is your environment hybrid?

Hi Santhosh


No its not an hybrid enviroment!


Yesterday I did an clean install of windows 10 and office pro 2016 on a laptop. after install office/outlook I get this popup with the note that Office 365 groups where new in outlook. But I can not find any folder, link, button ... to groups ? ...



Groups will be available in nav pane in Outlook 2016.




well thats the problem not in our outlook 2016 !!! see attached file

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Is outlook in cached mode? We had this and it only worked when it was on.

Yes!! that was the trick. THNX!

problem is we dont want to create a cache copy of outlook now, so we cant do this, is there a workaround ?