All Users to O365 Group

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Is there a way to add all employees to a Office 365 Group as members without adding them one by one? Preferably a dynamic group , so new employees are automatically added. 

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There is bynamic group membership:

Although it requires Azure AD Premium 1 License’s.

If you are utlilizing Microsoft Teams on the group you can create an org-wide Team that also pulls all accounts in! ( if less than 1000 users)


Thanks for your response.  After I created this post,  I went digging and remember that option within Azure AD.  It baffles me why certain options are only available in one place and not the other.  Microsoft = Consistently inconsistent. 


@adam deltinger 

Well, yeah! Some stuff are spread all over but they are doing a solid job trying to consolidate settings etc, but still have some ways to go. It’s also sometimes hard because Groups are an AAD object and should maybe there for be managed in AAD center in terms of the security and management perspective etc...