Follow in Inbox - Powershell command(s) to mange options.

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We have a need to create a Group in O365 where all current and new members have the Follow in Inbox feature "Only Replies to You"



I'm unable to find any documentation relating to this.  

The Set-UnifiedGroup Command allows us to autosubscribe new members but then they get all messages in the group and there is a requirement that they only get replies directed to themselves.  

I can see the options to do this on a user by user basis in Outlook Desktop and Web but users are not following the instructions. 




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There's no PowerShell cmdlet for this, best you can do is add to the "subscribers" list, either on the group level (Set-UnifiedGroup) or per user (Add-UnifiedGroupLinks). Neither gives you the granular controls we have in Outlook/OWA.