Upgrade from Build 16.0.17231.20080 to Build 16.0.17231.20170 --> Copilot gone in Outlook

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I had a Outlook desktop installation on Windows 11 with 

Microsoft® Outlook® für Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20080) 64 Bit on current channel.


That version had Copilot working and running. Also the other apps like Word, Excel had Copilot working fine. The user has a Copilot for Office 365 license assigned.


After updating to

(Microsoft® Outlook® für Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20170) 64 Bit


Copilot is gone away, disapeared completely from Outlook.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint still work fine with Copilot.


Another peculiar thing is that in the account overview, it asks again to update the license ("Lizenz aktualisieren"). Doing this several times in a row did not fix it. 

In the version .20080  we did it once and all was good.


Could it be that version .20170 is buggy?



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