Reopening closed notebook, pages say "Content Not Yet Available"

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I'm a student and use OneNote to take notes in classes.  At the start of this fall, I closed the notebook with last year's class notes to make room on my device (iPad) for this year's notes.  Before doing so, I opened that notebook on another device (my laptop) and spot checked that the pages appeared to be synced.  All appeared to be working correctly. 


Today I needed to reference something from that notebook but, when I reopen it through the app on my devices, most of the pages appear with this message when I click on them: "Content Not Yet Available".


I have tried opening the Notebook in OneDrive, I get the following message:  "Content Not Yet Available. Sorry, it looks like this page was added from another computer and hasn't synced yet. Click here or press ENTER to reload this page."  When I press "Enter", it tries to open the page in OneNote on my device--which results in the same "Content Not Yet Available" message.


How do I display this content?  Is there somewhere I should go or something I should do to refresh these pages?  If it helps, all my notebooks are set to automatically sync.  Additionally, it seems to affect pages with handwritten notes (the majority of pages) more than typed content.  Pages with typed content from the same time period in a section will load but those with handwritten content won't. 

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