Local OneNote dB won't sync to One Drive - error "David's notebook - couldn't sync"

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I have been using OneNote in Windows for several years. I also have it installed on my Mac Pro, android tablet and android phone. The sync has worked well between them for a couple of years. Last week I got the error message "David's notebook - couldn't sync" on one my individual devices. I contacted MS support and they dialed into my Windows computer. He ended up deleting the OneNote dB on One Drive as a solution, but this did not work. Now I have that notebook syncing with all my devices except my Mac Book Pro. I still have a good working copy locally on my Mac Pro, but don't know how to sync it up (or copy it up) to One Drive to recover and be able to use on multiple devices. I need to know how to get the good local OneNote DB on my Mac Pro uploaded to One Drive so I can use all my devices again. I am very frustrated I can’t get to the correct support team to get this resolved. Is it Mac or Windows, or both? Apple Support will not help since they have no training on it. My biggest frustration is I am unable to find a way to deal directly with OneNote support. This a valuable notebook with years of my orchid information and I can't afford to lose it.





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