Employees Can't Open a Notebook I shared with them in the One Note App

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I have Office 365 full account all apps.

I have a personal Microsoft Account that I have all my note books in.

I have 2 employees who have o365 just for email and have Office 2016 installed on their computer.

I shared my notebook with the 2 employees.

If they click the link it opens in a browser.  WITH NO OPTION TO OPEN IN ONE NOTE.

It shows they are not logged in in the top right.  So we click that and the browser sits at a blank screen.  They are unable to login.  Onenote 2016 shows them logged in, but they cant from a browser.


We try adding the notebook from withing ONENOTE 2016 and there literally is no option that I see.


How can we get this notebook shared with these guys inside the app?

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We have given up. It is truly ridiculous. Until we can find an alternative to **bleep** Note they will work on the notebook strictly from the browser. I just can't imagine someone sitting down and designing something so broke that should be so so simple. It looks like the only way to get it to work is to add a personal msoft account to onenote 2016 and maybe share with that personal account. Who knows.