Automatic posting of Skype Meeting attendance in OneNote with imported Meeting Details

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I discovered in a recent meeting that when a coworker imports meeting details into OneNote so she can take notes, the participants automatically get checked off as in attendance when they join the Skype meeting. Unexpected attendees not in the original invitation even get added to the previously imported Meeting Details and get checked off as in attendance when they join the Skype meeting. This is a great feature but we only observe it with this one user and only when she is sharing at the time the participants join. Does anyone know how to activate it for all our users? Our process is to create a new page in OneNote, and then use the Meeting Details on the toolbar to bring in the specifics including the invitees., 

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You shouldn't be limited to only having the one person be able to do it, or even have them share it.
Any person should be able to within a OneNote page press that button the add the meeting details - so in theory every person in the meeting can do this.
You can actually do it multiple times per page, so if you have multiple meetings about the same topic they can all be "logged" in that one page.

This is a great feature that I love. But it appears to have been taken away when using "OneNote for Windows" (sometimes just called "OneNote") versus "OneNote 2016".


Does anyone know how to get it to work in OneNote for Windows?

MS has moved this functionality from Outlook to Onenote itself (I'm referring to the UWP version) - if you open a new page in the relevant section, you can select "Insert" / "Meeting details" and then chose the relevant meeting from the right hand side window. You can change the day (by default it displays today's date) and then Onenote will display the meetings from your Outlook calendar.

It was always a part of OneNote ...the issue is that it's been removed from One for Windows. All you can do it add it the first time, you can't update the meeting details once it's been added to the OneNote page. Plus it doesn't give you the checkboxes to indicate if an invitee actually attended the meeting.

I miss this functionality too but I guess they focus on other stuff with OneNote for Windows 10 and also with the complexity of moving to Teams I wonder if we will see this functionality in OneNote for Windows 10 itself or if it will be a part of Teams.

OneNote for Windows is pretty much useless. You can still install OneNote 2016 on fresh builds and on updates. This attendance features is absolutely needed. I think people misunderstood my original issue. That is about half of our users have automated change from Accepted in Outlook to Joined in Skype when people actually join the meeting, the other half never get the Joined messaging. We've moved to Teams, and the integration still isn't working. This issue follows the user, not the device. 

@Daniel Hurst Dan,  I don't see that anyone has addressed your real question.  Why do some users have their attendees automatically checked when they join a meeting and others, in the same company, do not.

Now that skype is moving to teams, we absolutely need this feature in Teams.  In fact, the information provided in teams makes it look like everyone invited joined the call.

@Daniel Hurst Have you figured out this feature change?  I loved that feature, it's an amazingly simple, efficient way to capture attendees, and others who join.


We use Webex now and oddly enough the feature is missing.  Do you know if that auto-check feature was limited to Skype meetings?


Thanks, Ralph