Migration of OneNote data between Office 365 Tenants for Multiple Users

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We've around 3000 users that we're having to migrate from one Office 365 tenant to a different Office 365 tenant. Email and OneDrive data we can do no issue - tools like ShareGate and others help us with that.


However, I've seemingly drawn a blank when it comes to OneNote, and for users who stored their OneNotes within OneDrive for Business.


I've had a good dig around on the internet to see if I could find any further information, but at the moment I only seem to come across the same recommendation - it's a fairly convoluted export/import manual process that the users have to do themselves.


Are there any tools out there that enable us to do mass OneNote notebook migrations for users, or are we stuck with having to give them documentation and telling them to 'get on with it?'


If I'm being honest, the more I'm working on this project, the more it is showing me that the biggest limitation of Office 365 is when you have a company merger or takeover (or split) and you need to manage data within multiple tenants - there is no easy or simple way (or tools) to enable you to move the data around, especially when you're talking about Tb of data with thousands of users.

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Most of the time Onenote data is saved to Onedrive or SharePoint Online. You can use Tools like Sharegate to move the library or Site from one tenant to the other tenant.


An other free option is to use AZ copy:



You then use a Azure storage account to get the data to the other tenant.


Most important is to get the exact location of the OneNote books.