Syn AD on Prem with Azure AD

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I have an on-prem environment with AD and Exchange 2016 with domain name and a Tenant that I use only for teams now.

Users have the same username on-prem and on Azure AD, but with different suffix.


My goal is to sync AD with Azure AD and use on-prem Exchange with Teams with


I'm starting with change the username on Azure AD from email address removed for privacy reasons to email address removed for privacy reasons and then with Azure AD Connect I sync this user with on-prem and now the user is managed from on-prem.

After that I can use Teams with the new address but it is not integrate with Exchange/Outlook, to do that I have to configure an Exchange hybrid deployment.


Is that correct?

Thank you


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Yes, simply matching the UPN will not enable hybrid functionality for Exchange/Teams. Follow the steps here:


Yes, it works for the UPN