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Hi all,

Today we a user has received many  bounce back mail is about 'Undeliverable: xxxxxxxxx' messages  


after we investigation and check Office365Alerts mail we found  a user account has hacked, and set a mail forward,  

i would like to know can the set the Alerts rule only for forward outside organization or the IP address out of office. because the system default Alerts mail include  UpdateInboxRules.

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@CHEUNG Peter 


1.  If you would like to Block any External Auto-Forwards from your Organization to Outside, configure Remote-Domain Rules.


Set-RemoteDomain -Identity "Default" -AutoForwardenabled $false


2. If you would like to setup Alert whenever any Forwarding Rule has been set up a user/admin, you can configure alert policies in Security & Compliance Admin Center. Refer -


3.  As a security measure, you can enable MFA for your User's to ensure even if they someone get there Password Hacked, they are safe until they give up on there Cellphone in a Coffee Shop ;)


Hope this answers all your questions :) 


Cheers !!

Ankit Shukla