Possibility to restore permanently deleted user account.

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Yesterday we were changing o365 cloud user to on-premises. There was nothing special to migrate, changed his mailbox to shared, imported all mails. Then deleted permanently old account to add old mail as alias to new one (to avoid sync conflicts).


Today user states that his all lifework was in Teams file storage. I've tried to restore users OneDrive via SharePoint Online Management Shell as it said here: Restore a deleted OneDrive - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn but no luck, user site not found (logically, it was perm deleted).


Is there any option to restore permanently deleted user acc?

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Check via Get-SPODeletedSite. And open a support case, as there's a limited window for recovery.

@Vasil Michev 


Thx for your reply, but I've already tried that, no luck. 


The problem is that I can't open support case directly to Microsoft, don't know when that possibility was removed, but now I am suggested to contact our partner.