Mailbox still visible even after removing the O365 license

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We have removed license on few O365 mailboxes, but I still see those mailboxes in O365 admin console. Do I need to manually delete them as I no longer need them.

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If the mailboxes are on hold, they will be kept for the duration of the hold, regardless of the license assigned. Although that puts them in an erroneous state.
Another scenario is a shared/room mailbox - those do not need a license and removing such will not cause a deletion.
Thanks Vasil, These are user mailboxes with out any hold on them. I thought removing license would remove the mailbox from cloud console. But it looks like I need to delete them manually. If deleted, they will be in deleted list for 30 days before it will be deleted permanently. Please let me know if I am correct?
Removing the license for a user mailbox should do the trick, if you are seeing anything else, my money are on holds (retention policies too count as hold). You can delete the mailbox manually, but that will result in deleting the corresponding user object as well - not sure if you are OK with this.