Looking for a way to track secondary email address

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in my Office 365 tenant , every user has a secondary email addres (lower case smtp:xxxx-upa@mydomain.com)

I need a way to track email to those addresses , so I can evaluate the needs of that second email address.

Looking at the trace options from the Exchange Admin, I do not see if it's possible to do it

Any help will be appreciate


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Message trace will work just fine for secondary aliases:


[21:34:52][O365]# Get-MessageTrace -RecipientAddress postmaster@michev.info

Received            Sender Address   Recipient Address      Subject Status
--------            --------------   -----------------      ------- ------
12/07/2017 18:35:01 michev@gmail.com postmaster@michev.info Test    Resolved

[21:38:01][O365]# (Get-Mailbox vasil).emailaddresses

thanks for the answer

this is good for a "one by one" interrogation.  what if I want the big picture, I suppose I need to code some powershell to go thru all of my mail file?

There are scripts out there that do this already, such as: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Office-365-Mail-Traffic-afa37da1


You can simply modify it to fit your needs.