Lack of Yammer Admin Role

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The document at describes Yammer device usage report yet it states that a user must be a Global, Exchange, SharePoint or Skype Admin which does not implement the Least Privelge model.


Does anyone know when  a Yammer Admin role will be available?


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+1 on that, because it's a bit annoying to have to go into Yammer to set someone to be a Verified Admin where all other workload ownership roles are done in the O365 admin portal.

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Hi Dean,

thanks for your feedback. We're currently working on a reporting role as well as on more granular RBAC functionality within Office 365. We'll share more information once avaialble via Office Blog and the roadmap.



Is there any status update on the matter yet?


This is a serious lack of functionality for our company.

We'll have an update on the reporting role at Ignite. Stay tune!