How to automatically delete office365 or team groups with no members

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Hello from Denmark


Does anyone know if it is possible to setup somekind of policy that automatically deletes teams when the last member has left?


i should mention that i work as an admin at a High school. Student manually create a lot of teams, and after 2-3 years when they are done their user is deleted from our system. But all the teams still remains..


Regards Christian.

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Hej Vasil, thanks for the reply.

Yes i already notived this function, it may pe posssible for us to use it. We have around 50-60 Teams that we dont want to be deleted. I guess it would work with a 360 days deletion policy but with the choice of being able to deselect some teams.

whitout the deselect option we would have to press keep on 60 teams every once a year. Annoying but it might be the only way.