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Recently I've created a sharepoint page and I shared it with other people who don't have an account in my domain, but they have account in other Microsoft Exchange domain. When they want to login to the page first time, some of them don't have email address assigned to a new account. So in "Admin center" I see guest accounts and some of them have email addresses assigned and some don't have. More explanations in the attachment.

I don't know if the problem is with synchronisation between microsoft services or with something else. How to add email addresses (eg. using powershell)?

Users without email addresses have problem with login to the sharepoint service, but I find a solution and I put an email address for these users in sharepoint manually.

In Microsoft Azure email addresses are present.

Thank you for any help.

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Interesting, first time I see this... @Anne Michels FYI

Hi Robert,

can you please send me an email to anne.michels(@)

We need some more information to investigate this. How did you share the page in SPO? What does "But they have an account in other Exchange domain" mean? In the same tenant? In a different tenant? An on-premises Exchange installation?




Did you ever get a response to this and why it happens? How do you trace the users email addresses?

Not really, I've thought it's a problem with accounts where before user creation, a Sharepoint Contact with the same email address was created, but now I'm not sure.

The users are also listed in the Active Users and the email address shows....

I see this same issue with some guest accounts, but don't see any way to edit them??? guestuser.png

We have the same issue. Few users have no email address, leading to several issues (e.g. Sharepoint Alerts not working). Any news on a way to fix this?



Any resolution to this issue ? I am also experiencing the exact same behavior in my tenant where guest users having blank email address are not getting email notifications from SPO, Is there any way to update this field manually to make this thing work ?

Yes, you can assign an email address for user manually for SP purpose only.

Go to Office 365 Admin Centers -> Sharepoint -> User profiles -> Manage User Profiles.

Next you have to find a specific user and click "Edit My profile".

Finally put a correct email address in the "Work email" field.

This solution doesn't change anything on "Guest users" tab in Office 365 Administration Page.


@Kimberly Smith 

I have the same issue as in the screenshot. It appears to be a cosmetic defect. Did you ever figure this out? I was curious to know if this just happens to be a bug with the 365 Admin Center. I originally added all my guest users from the Azure AD portal. These profiles are showing correctly from the Azure AD portal as it should be, just not from the 365 admin portal.  

@Wesley_Garcia  You can manage these Guest Users in Exchange Online PowerShell.


I have an issue along the same lines.  When an external user is invited to a SharePoint online site they will successfully authenticate and be able to work in and out of the site for many months.  Then all of a sudden I will get a call that they no longer have access.  The user now receives a message that they can't be found in the SharePoint directory.   Correlation ID: 42ca299f-4029-a000-c897-f68b345e2098 and Issue Type: User not in directory .  When I check the permissions on the site for membership the user is listed.  When I go to the Admin Center - Users - Guest Users the user is listed but the email field is empty.  


My solution is to remove them from the regular membership page then go up and change the page to -0 and remove them from that page, then go to the admin center and remove them from the guest users.  I then wait at least 3 hours, most of the time I try and give it 24 hours, then go back to the site page and send a new invitation.

I would like to know what causes the email to be dropped from an external user?  When you share a page you have to put in an email address.


Robert can I assume that you used their external address to share the page to them and that they worked for a while?  But they are contacting you that they don't have access and you are now checking the guest users area and not seeing their email address field populated?

@Robert Soszyński 

I noticed the same issue in the tenant of one of our clients. Adding the email to the SharePoint profile works, but I am wondering what is causing the issue. Have you ever found out?

We have had the same issue when adding some external users to a SharePoint site. Some users did not have a work email address. Have not yet found a solution. I had to go through the entire list of users and add work email using SP user profiles when necessary. 

@Robert Soszyński 

@dsergeant i found out the users were in the adress list of the company and therefore the mail adress could not be used twice.

I removed the users from the adress list, added the correct mail to the guest account and made the guest accounts for these users visible in the global adress list.


It is strange however that sometimes they were able to sign in without the mail adres and later on not.

@Anne Michels 


Hi Anne, We are using the following through an Azure Automation process and some of our guest users show up with no emails others work fine.  Not sure why this is but it would be great to have a solution because it totally screws up our SPFX functionality when we run into one of these users without an email.

New-AzureADMSInvitation  -InvitedUserEmailAddress $ClientUPN -InviteRedirectURL $URL -SendInvitationMessage $true 

@Don_Landry In my case I found out the ones without email address where in our address list as contacts.

I removed them from the address list, added the email address to the guest account and made the guest account visible in the (global) address list.