DLP Custom Sensitivity type - Error about localization

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I am trying to create new custom DLP policy from UI (not via powershell ) and i always get following error when i finally click on 'Finish' button:


The localized details of the specified rule pack's descriptions contain some invalid language code(s): "English"


My investigation: I know there is no such language code like "English", via powershell i am using "en-us" but i am bit lost that why error keep talking about "English" and how can we make sure that trying to create custom DLP policy use "en-us". My tenant has default language : "English" when i check from my profile setting at https://myaccount.microsoft.com/settingandprivacy 


Appreciate any help as it annoying that i can't create custom sensitive type! [Refer attached error screenshot]



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@mevaibhav83 - fixed require MS engineer team so log support. issue fixed after 5 months of waiting with support so till that that i had to manage all custom sensitivity type creation using powershell and was unable to use compliance admin portal.