Deprecating "Turn On File Synchronization Via SOAP Over HTTP" Group Policy setting


What is changing? 

  • We are removing the “Turn on file synchronization via SOAP Over HTTP” policy from Group Policy. This policy allows IT admins to turn file synchronization via SOAP over HTTP on or off for Office.

Before policy was removed 

File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP can be turned on or off by Admins via policy or by users via adding the FSSHTTPOff registry key to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\1x.0\Common\Internet.


After policy is removed 

It will not be possible to turn file synchronization via SOAP over HTTP on or off via Group Policy setting or by adding the FSSHTTPOff registry key. Office will always use SOAP as its preferred protocol to open documents on SharePoint.


Why is it changing? 

  • This policy was originally introduced when Office switched to using SOAP protocol to connect and exchange information with newer versions of SharePoint. This policy was implemented to give admins better control of this transition, particularly for older versions of SharePoint 2013 on-premises deployments.  
  • As this transition completed, we’ve found that some users turn this policy off in an attempt to troubleshoot "Sorry we can't open https://" or "Upload failed." error messages when trying to open documents on a SharePoint website. Setting the policy to Disabled adds the FSSHTTPOff registry key and it prevents Office from using its preferred protocol to open documents on SharePoint. It also prevents features such as co-authoring, checking documents in and out, reverting to earlier versions of documents, filling out required file properties, and so on, to function properly.  
  • As a result, we are retiring this policy in favor of always using SOAP as the preferred protocol for Office to open documents on SharePoint. 

When is it changing? 

  • This change is rolling out starting with Version 2208.  Version 2208 is expected to be available in Current Channel in late August 2022, and in Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel in January 2023. 
  • Even though the policy will continue to appear for a bit longer in Group Policy tools, if you’re using Version 2208 (Build 16.0.15601. 10000 ) or later, the policy and the registry key will not have any effect. (Office LTSC 2021, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office 2013 will continue to honor the policy). 

If you or your organization is affected by the removal of this policy, please let us know about your scenario by emailing:


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3 Replies

@JuanKarmy Great Info ! Is there a way to we check which protocol SharePoint 2019 (or) OneDrive is currently using ? There is no official document found that SharePoint 2019 communicates only thru HTTP for transfer files.


I just wanna make sure there wont be any impact to my system. 


I already checked the registry key mentioned in your post. There is no such 'FSSHTTPOff' flag available.


Thanks in advance. 

Thanks for your comment @manivannan20!


We don’t have a straightforward way to check which protocol is being used for a specific version of SharePoint.
However, if you don’t have this Group Policy turned on, you should not see any impact in your system.
By default, the 'FSSHTTPOff' key does not exist, unless you turn on this Group Policy, so there shouldn’t be any impact if you’re not seeing it.

Thanks @JuanKarmy !! 'FSSHTTPOff' key does not exist in our environment so considered it as NO IMPACT.