Cannot change the email address from the portal for any user


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On the portal over Microsoft 365, you can find information over your profile, such as your name, job, description, email address, devices, organizations, password change, Privacy configuration, Office Applications installed, subscriptions and a preview of my login sessions.





The variables Name, Job and Description can be changed on the User Profile from the Admin Portal, Azure AD or to an  On-premise AD if it is sync, but the email address cannot be changed, so I was wondering if someone know why and if there is any chance that this could be done in the future.


The case scenario is that there has been a Company name rebrand and now all my users that look at their account profile over Office 365, still have the old brand name, even if the User Principal Name has changed or the domain named is not part of office 365.


The Support team from Office 365 told me that this concept is set by design and the only way to change it, is to create a new user 


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This page is intended for end users, and they are not in control of what their email addresses, admins are. Otherwise everyone would be able to set himself as


If you are an admin, you can change the email address for a user from the M365 admin center or the Exchange Admin center.



I agree with you that for End users this shouldn't be available to be modified, but my request/complian is that the Email Address value, even if it is changed in other place, it does not change; the email address value is the same as the first time it was created.


Let me explain the scenarios:


Scenario 1 

Your are an Admin with all the permissions over the tenant, and you want to change the name of a user from "Christian Alejandro Romano" to "Christian Romano", you go to change it on Azure AD or if Hybrid, from AD on-premise, and it syncs cross all over Office Portals and everything is ok!


Scenario 2

Your are an Admin with all the permissions over the tenant, and you want to change the Email Addres from to ; yo go to Exchange Online or if hybrid to AD and  you change it, it syncs over all Office services except for the portal


Again my complain/request is to make this field to be available to sync/change the value for the same one it has as PrimarySmtpAddress on Azure AD or Exchange Online.


As I told before, I open a ticket with Microsoft 365 Support Team and they told me that by design this field cannot be changed/sync to the same one that the user has as PrimarySMTPAddress or Email Address Field.


If it was created as  it will remains like that on the portal, even if the email address will no longer exists, the workaround is to create a new user and move all the things from the old one to the new one...



Hey @Christian Romano Corona ,


I am pretty sure it is just a replication thing, I just tested the same in my environment. The email address field in is being picked from Primary SMTP address/ UPN if user doesn't have a mailbox. It did take around 2 hours for the change to appear.

Here is a screenshot prior and after changing PrimarySMTP address :




Sorry for missing out on capturing the entire screen, but the screenshot is from page. I have tested this for couple of cloud only users but it should work in case of synced identities as well. If you don't see the change even after waiting for 24 hours, I guess you will have to get the ticket reopened with Microsoft.