Been trying for weeks to get Microsoft Unified Support to No Avail

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Today alone I called into Microsoft 4 times trying to get someone to give us a quote to BUY support from Microsoft for Office 365 because the support that is included with all of our subscriptions is unacceptable and too low tiered to handle real technical issues.  


According to Premiere is no longer an option and have to go with Unified and the only way to get details on this is to speak with your "local Microsoft Account Rep" which is not even a thing.  After my 4th transfer someone in Premiere said we don't qualify for Unified because we have less than 250 laptops so how are customers with say 150 laptops supposed to get support (good, paid support)?  

Has anyone been able to setup a separate support agreement for O365 like we have done with Azure Standard Support where we get experienced, 2-3 levelled tiered support for all of our issues?  We will pay for it yet have no way of getting it.  

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