Audit Log - Login success/failure

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In the security & compliance centre you can view and filter the audit log by many products/activities.  But one thing I can't do is find a filter that shows only login success/failure messages (and other related activities).  Is this possible?

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No with the Audit Log Search...this is something you can get with the Cloud App Security and also with some advanced reports in Azure AD but I believe for those reports you need at least an AAD Plan 1

Or PowerShell. In any case, if you are interested in Login events, best use the Azure AD logs directly from the Azure portal, they offer much more detailed information, and are populated faster compared to the ones in the SCC.

@Lloyd Adams

 Yes, It's possible in the Security and Compliance Center. To get login success and failure audits, you can filter the Activity with 'User logged in' and 'UserLoginFailed' operation. But, you can't export the filtered data.

Recently, I have come across below PowerShell script. I used it to get a separate report on user's success and failure login attempts, logon history for particular users, login history within a specific period, etc.