OpenAI Bot SDK in Microsoft Teams - Technical Question

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Currently, we are working on a new feature for our 'check it' Microsoft Teams product, we have a technical challenge that MS support is unable to help with and want to see if anyone in here has had a similar issue:


Using the OpenAI models, specifically with the OpenAIClient SDK (.net) it has become a common behaviour for all AI bots to stream their response to the user in an organic conversational manner (open AI playground, Chat GPT etc..).


When trying to do the same with the team's bot SDK on await turnContext.UpdateActivityAsync(newActivity, cancellationToken); call. I receive a 429 Too many requests issue. Even with the guidance to allow for retries* it fails to find the correct exception type within the retry policy indicating that this is not teams. The same calls can be made in the AI playground without issue or streamed out to a web application.


This leads us to assume it's the bot rates that are failing. Is there any way to update an activity in a streaming manner or will the bot SDK look to support this now or in the future?


Rate limiting for bots - Teams | Microsoft Learn

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I'm reaching out to you via email to try to provide some guideance, thanks for your patience.