Customer review: Teamflect eliminated manual work, streamlining employee engagement and reviews
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Teamflect, a solution published to Microsoft AppSource, provides an all-in-one employee engagement tool integrated with Microsoft Teams. By automatically interoperating with task lists, calendars, and dashboards, Teamflect fits seamlessly into your organization's daily workflows. Employees and managers can easily align company goals and individual objectives and key results (OKRs), recognize effort, and help employees grow with constructive feedback.


Microsoft interviewed Jill Trevino, Human Resources Director, Illinois Heartland Library Systems, to learn what she had to say about the platform.

What do you like best about Teamflect?

I love the customization to meet our organizational needs and the needs of all our employees. That was the biggest benefit from an HR standpoint. I also love the fact that we can click a button within our Teams application to access Teamflect.


How has the solution helped your organization?

Incorporating Teamflect into Teams saves us a lot of time and effort. Before, our system consisted of an Excel spreadsheet with one standard form for all positions.


Teamflect takes the manual process of having to document and note things out of our hands. And if you have other meetings, those are incorporated as well. Managers don't have to remember conversations from two months ago.


Teamflect is instrumental in making sure that the review process is effective because it eliminates the manual work, streamlining the whole process.


How are customer service and support?


I've had really great, positive interactions with the customer service and support teams. They have always been very fast with their responses to me.


I’ve used immediate chat to request customer support, and it has been very helpful, too. I love the fact that if there’s a video associated with my question, I can immediately watch it and get an answer.


Any recommendations to other users considering this product?


The Teamflect system can conform to your needs and you can make changes and updates as you figure out what works best for your company. The most challenging part was the initial setup in determining how we wanted the review process to flow, what questions to ask, and how often to conduct reviews. If you figure that out before setting up, the process will go smoothly.


What is your overall rating for this product?

5 out of 5 stars.


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