Azure Marketplace new offers – August 8, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 81 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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AffableBPM Data Simplifyer Software as a Service: AffableBPM will boost your digital transformation and streamline operations by replacing outdated flat file systems with its cloud-based Data Simplifyer. Minimize local storage and enable data-driven decisions.


Aidaxis for Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Outlook (Desktop): The Aidaxis GPS app optimizes user learning by guiding them in real time, accelerating adoption of Microsoft products. This app integrates with the desktop versions of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.


Aidaxis for Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Outlook (Web): The Aidaxis GPS app optimizes user learning by guiding them in real time, accelerating adoption of Microsoft products. This app integrates with the web versions of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.


Alinor: The Alinor workflow automation tool delivers a cloud-based solution to challenges faced by science researchers and managers, helping them with end-to-end administration of projects and proposals.


Chat2Cloud: The Chat2Cloud chatbot delivers quick recommendations to efficiently migrate your apps and workloads to Microsoft Azure. Chat2Cloud uses machine learning to identify your priorities and provide clear steps for migration.


Corporate Expense Management: Traveo’s Corporate Expense Management system automates expense filing, and reimbursements to increase efficiency. The cloud-based product includes configurable workflows, receipt scanning, and business dashboards.


Cosmo Tech Prescriptive AI Simulation for Supply Chain Resiliency: The Cosmo Tech Supply Chain Resilience solution uses Microsoft Azure to deliver pre-packaged simulation twins, enabling enterprises to optimize existing supply chain capabilities and gain full awareness of interdependencies.


CyCX Contact Center for Microsoft Teams: CyCX is a contact center solution for Microsoft Teams business users who want to enhance customer and agent experiences through CRM integration, Teams Adaptive Cards, and configurable dashboards.


Energy Monitoring System: The Energy Monitoring System from AIMLWare is a cloud-based product for monitoring your entire facility via a mobile app. The system features a centralized master console, need-to-know permissions, contact-less attendants, and more.


Enterprise Platform for Education: The SI6 Platform is a cloud-based solution to manage education for large public and private enterprises, from student acquisition to education delivery and alumni management.


Envisage ERP: Envisage is a cloud-based ERP solution designed for use in the automotive, engineering, and healthcare industries. The customizable solution optimizes operations and resource management.


EspoCRM 7.5.1 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This preconfigured image packaged by bCloud contains EspoCRM 7.5.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and includes support. EspoCRM is a flexible, extensible open-source customer relationship management solution.


Factovize WIP Manager: WIP Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to help you digitally track works in progress from raw materials to semi-finished and finished products at each level of the manufacturing process.


Fleet2Track: Available in Italian, Fleet2Track helps maximize fleet productivity through cloud-based monitoring and analysis of data collected through internet-of-things sensors. Control company assets and optimize costs.


Flow Monitoring System: The Flow Monitoring System from AIMLWare uses internet-of-things hardware and cloud-based monitoring to enable you to monitor the environment and human presence at your facility, all via a mobile app.


Google Places Coordinate Refresher: Aetex’s Google Places Coordinate Refresher provides an API that allows you to quickly configure a Microsoft Azure endpoint and monitor Google Places for any changes to their longitude or latitude coordinates.


Identity Panel Suite: Identity Panel Suite aggregates data across your enterprise from sources including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, formal HR systems, databases, claim providers, and more. The solution lets you visualize and audit your identity and access stack.


Image Watermark: The Image Watermark app for Microsoft Teams lets you embed messages within images, ensuring that only those who know how to extract the data will have access to it. Uses include adding identifying information to an image for tracking purposes and adding copyright information.


In-App Analytics: AppICE is a cloud-based tool providing predictive and prescriptive insights about user interests and behavior in real time for effective campaign management, increased return on investment, and more.


InCServe - Interview as a Service: InCServe is a cloud-based interview-as-a-service platform which provides expert interviewers to conduct technical and non-technical interviews. The solution includes an integrated AI tool with the option to generate personalized questions by using ChatGPT.


InCvid - Video Interview Platform: InCvid is an AI-powered video interview platform designed to streamline candidate screening. The platform includes a live code compiler for technical interviews, integrated scheduling, and the ability to record interviews.


Infionic ZIP: Infionic ZIP is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps small and medium-sized organizations manage business efficiently. The product provides needed visibility, promotes seamless processes, and enhances the customer experience.


Kimera Database: The Kimera Technologies API is a cloud-based set of AI computer vision solutions designed to automate your analysis, organization, and search through large databases of unstructured visual content. The technology lets you build a database of metadata about your images to enhance queries.


Kimera Tagging: Text Tagger and Visual Tagger work with the Kimera Technologies API, a cloud-based set of AI computer vision solutions designed to automate image analysis, allowing you to easily define a text dictionary for your image database and tag pictures.


Klusternetes: Klusternetes is a fast and secure virtual Kubernetes environment designed for microservices development, testing, and CI/CD. Klusternetes addresses common Kubernetes challenges and works with Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service as well as other popular services.


Loops: The Loops digital education platform provides interactive mind maps for enhanced teaching and learning. The cloud-based solution structures the pedagogical approach, giving students insight into expectations and teachers visibility into student progress.


Matae for Enterprise: Matae enables project teams to better manage change and adoption by providing real-time feedback and insights. The suite includes the Matae Change Leader app for Microsoft Teams and the web-based Matae Change Workshop.

Material Requirement Planning.png

Material Requirements Planning: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a cloud-based tool providing consolidated views of demand, scheduling, and inventory requirements for manufacturing and purchasing needs. The tool tracks raw materials, works in process, and finished goods.


Nafhaa CRM: Nafhaa CRM includes sales and service features to help businesses track leads, manage opportunities, close deals, and manage customer service interactions. The CRM includes a knowledge base, sales forecasting, and a customer self-service portal.


Nafhaa Field Force: Nafhaa Field Force helps businesses track field workers in real time, schedule activities, track attendance, and improve planning. The app lets businesses increase productivity and reduce costs.


Neocase HR: Available in French, Neocase HR lets you automate employee requests and HR processes. The cloud-based solution features a self-service employee portal, integration with HRIS systems, and a knowledge base.


Neocase Supplier: Available in French, Neocase Supplier helps finance and service centers improve performance, reduce processing times, and eliminate errors by automating supplier requests and processes.


Overstory (Flat Fee): Overstory uses machine learning to interpret satellite imagery around your utility’s transmission and distribution corridors, showing where pruning efforts can make the most impact on outages. This offer is available via a flat-fee price structure.


Overstory (Per User): Overstory uses machine learning to interpret satellite imagery around your utility’s transmission and distribution corridors, showing where pruning efforts can make the most impact on outages. This offer is available via a per-user price structure.


PeopleCart: PeopleCart is a cloud-based platform designed to increase workforce engagement and collaboration. The platform automates social recognition, feedback, ideation, and more.


Place Matcher: Place Matcher is a cloud-based API that matches locations across multiple providers, such as Google Places and Yelp, allowing you to match location IDs across providers.


Preveni Decubitus Monitoring with IoT: Available only in Portuguese, Preveni consists of cloud-based software and internet-of-things (IoT) sensors for monitoring the decubitus (bedsores) of patients at risk of pressure ulcers.


Psychometric Assessment: 3SAQ from 9 Links provides skill-gap assessments of employees by measuring cognitive skills, social and behavioral skills, and integrity. Understand the skill levels of candidates, reducing hiring time and costs.


QR Code Creator: Available in Italian, QR Code Creator is a cloud-based solution which lets you quickly create and share QR Codes for use in your business processes or on your social channels.


Real Center Icon: Real Center Icon lets you easily center transparent icons or logos. Unlike traditional graphic design software that relies on the minimum bounding box, this app for Microsoft Teams accurately calculates the true visual center.


Resolve Attendance: Resolve Attendance is a cloud-based mobile app designed to integrate attendance recording methods, such as access cards, biometric scans, and mobile, to provide flexibility to your teams while centralizing information.


Resolve Leave: Available as a cloud-based mobile app, Resolve Leave centralizes leave management and enables you to customize leave policies. You can easily track who is on leave, leave credit cycles, and more.


Rezo Auto Analyse: Auto Analyse is part of Rezo, an AI-powered customer experience platform designed to enhance revenue and improve customer interactions. Use Auto Analyse to turn unstructured data, transcripts, and conversations into insights.


Rezo Auto Engage: Auto Engage is part of Rezo, an AI-powered customer experience platform designed to enhance revenue and improve customer interactions. Use Auto Engage to connect with customers through voice, chat, and email channels, thereby reducing costs.


Si6 Student Acquisition to Onboarding: Si6 is a purpose-built educational platform designed to provide a comprehensive, cloud-based solution covering student acquisition through onboarding. Si6 integrates with DigiLocker for compliance with India’s National Education Policy (NEP).


Signly QR: Signly QR is a Microsoft Azure-based solution that translates text into-sign language and provides a QR code of the video clip. Recipients can scan the QR code, gaining immediate access to the translation video.


SilkFlo - Automation and AI Lifecycle Management: SilkFlo integrates data from chatbots, robotic process automation (RPA), AI models, and other sources into a single dashboard showing the return on investment (ROI) of the tools and processes.


SnapDoc: SnapDoc provides a comprehensive document management solution to ensure easy management of large volumes of information. The cloud-based solution empowers your enterprise to digitize documents, manage the document cycle, and realize improved data security.


SolvAssess: SolvAssess is cloud-based software designed to help defense industrial base (DIB) companies structure and maintain their compliance with the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).


TABS ERP: The Total Accounting Business System (TABS) ERP provides a cloud-based solution for securely and accurately managing accounting, inventory, and invoices. The system computes taxes and includes an audit trail system.


Triparound: Triparound is a cloud-based guest experience platform that helps hospitality professionals promote, upsell, and manage in-house and third-party offerings. Redefine travel execution and maximize guest spending with a comprehensive digital tool.  


Typesetter 5.1 with Support on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This image has been preconfigured by bCloud to provide Typesetter CMS 5.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and includes support from bCloud. Typesetter CMS is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) featuring easy content creation and customization.


Upstream Cybersecurity: The Upstream platform is a cloud-based XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution for connected vehicles and smart mobility devices. Upstream analyzes data in real time, surfacing anomalies and insights.


UtraIPFS: UtraIPFS is a cloud-based solution designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for utilizing the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). UtraIPFS encrypts data at rest and in transit, accommodates large data volumes, and integrates with existing applications.


Vetanmaan: Vetanmaan is a cloud-based payroll solution that manages leave policies, attendance, customizable salary calculations, personnel matters, payroll processing, bank transfers, tax calculation, and more.


Virbe Dashboard for AI-Powered Avatars: Virbe’s Metahuman lets you create AI-powered virtual beings and deploy them on digital signage, websites, mobile apps, and virtual worlds. The Microsoft Azure-based solution features speech recognition and chatbot-like features.


Voteer: Voteer provides a cloud-based platform for multiple types of balloting, including general meetings, boards of directors, referendums, condominium assemblies, and more. The solution integrates with Microsoft Teams.


Zencommerce: The Zencommerce e-commerce platform provides comprehensive tools for businesses looking to establish a successful online store. The cloud-based platform includes customizable templates, secure payment options, and product management tools.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations


Adiacent + Querlo AI: 1- to 6-Month End to End Service: Adiacent will assess, develop, and implement an AI solution aligned with your needs to drive tangible, positive results. The company has managed projects built on the latest technologies, including OpenAI and ChatGPT.


ANS Co-Managed Cloud: ANS’s Co-Managed service for Microsoft Azure will help you gain the knowledge required to drive technical excellence across your Azure environment. You will benefit from real-time insights and automation.


Azure OpenAI Services and ChatGPT: 2-Week Implementation: Available in Japan, Fujisoft’s engagement will get you started with a chatbot built for Microsoft Teams and utilizing Azure OpenAI, the Microsoft Power Platform, and ChatGPT to improve your business processes.


Cloud-Native Apps: Implementation: Concurrency will build an end-to-end app for web and/or mobile use, hosted on Microsoft Azure. This engagement covers ideation, design sprints, product build in alignment with the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework, and more.


Data Factory QuickStart: 4-Week Proof of Concept: EPAM will deliver a customized proof of concept built on Microsoft Azure Data Factory to further your data transformation. Choose whether to build a single data product, establish a foundation platform, or develop a complex data ecosystem.


Enterprise Large Language Models: World Wide Technology will deliver customized services building on large language models (LLMs) built on Microsoft Azure. Get expert advice to determine the best use case for LLM selection, configuration, integration, and development.


Minsait App Innovation Services for Azure: Minsait offers app innovation services built on Microsoft Azure, helping your IT department migrate legacy apps to the cloud. This engagement lets you select assistance from strategy to execution guided by Minsait’s experience.


SharePoint Workflow Automation: 6-Week Implementation: Abylon Consulting will use its Docuflow platform to modernize your Microsoft SharePoint-based document review and approval processes. The new solution will be hosted on Microsoft Azure, enabling enhanced collaboration.


SixPivot Application Modernization on Azure: SixPivot will work with you to identify dependencies and modernize a target app into a proof of concept built on Microsoft Azure-based services. SixPivot will ensure that your team understands how to provide ongoing support for the solution.

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