Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 163
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 124 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AI Service Desk.png

AI Service Desk: Aisera's AI Service Desk automates tasks and actions for information technology, human resources, facilities, and customer service. It provides omnichannel integrations through conversational AI, natural language understanding search, and unsupervised natural language processing.

Airflow Server.png

Airflow Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This image offered by Linnovate Technologies provides Airflow, an open-source workflow management platform comparable to Oozie or Azkaban. Programmatically author, schedule, and monitor work with Airflow, which features rich command-line utilities.


ATutor: This ready-to-launch image from Niles Partners provides ATutor, a learning management system for developing and delivering online courses. A LAMP stack is also included. ATutor is used internationally and offers a number of accessibility features.

CData ArcESB.png

CData ArcESB: ArcESB from CData Software is a modern electronic data interchange integration platform that dramatically simplifies EDI processing. It offers streamlined document translation, no-code mapping, and an intuitive user experience.

CentOS 8.4.png

CentOS 8.4: This image from Cloud Maven Solutions provides CentOS 8.4 with version 4.0.4 of the YUM package manager and version 4.16 of the TCP networking stack. The default packet-filtering framework used is nftables.

CloudFrame Relocate.png

CloudFrame Relocate: CloudFrame Relocate enables companies to reduce mainframe costs through automated batch COBOL workload relocation to Microsoft Azure. Backward compatibility allows programs running in the cloud to access mainframe data, COBOL load modules, and more without requiring a change to data or infrastructure.


CMSimple: This image from Niles Partners provides the CMSimple content management system with Apache and PHP on Ubuntu. With a single installation of CMSimple, you can operate an unlimited number of independent or connected websites in subdirectories.


Collabtive: This image from Niles Partners provides Collabtive, open-source project management software intended for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses. Collabtive serves as an alternative to proprietary tools like Basecamp. Also included in the image is a LAMP stack.

CXP Cloud Enterprise.png

CXP Cloud Enterprise - Transactable: The Cloud Enterprise edition of Oneview’s Care Experience Platform (CXP), built in partnership with leading healthcare systems, scales to thousands of endpoints across every type of facility without requiring on-premises server infrastructure.


Dolibarr: This image from Niles Partners provides Dolibarr along with a LAMP stack. Dolibarr is open-source software for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.


doorGets: This image from Niles Partners provides doorGets and a LAMP stack on Ubuntu. Built using PHP, the doorGets content management system allows you to create professional websites and scalable web applications.


Dotclear: This image from Niles Partners provides Dotclear, an open-source blog publishing application written in PHP and offering a multilingual interface. Dotclear uses Wiki or XHTML syntax for entries and supports several database types.


e107: This image from Niles Partners provides e107 along with a LAMP stack on Ubuntu. e107 is an open-source website content management system powered by PHP and MySQL and featuring a fully automated installation wizard.


flatCore: This image from Niles Partners provides flatCore, a lightweight open-source content management system, along with a LAMP stack on Ubuntu. flatCore is based on PHP and SQLite with a minimalistic core, but its modular structure allows it to be easily extended.


FrontAccounting: This image from Niles Partners provides FrontAccounting along with a LAMP stack. FrontAccounting is a professional web-based accounting system that can also cover the supply chain. FrontAccounting works with your general ledger entries and can generate financial reports.

Grafana Server Ready with Support from Linnovate.png

Grafana Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This image from Linnovate Technologies provides a Grafana server instance. Grafana allows you to unify your data and visualize it however you want. Use dynamic dashboards to explore and share data with team members.

HAKOM TSM Developer Edition.png

HAKOM TSM Developer Edition: Made for developers of time-series-based solutions for the energy industry, the HAKOM TSM Developer Edition toolset consists of the TSM App and a wide range of APIs. With the TSM App, you can create prototypes for test purposes with minimum effort.


ImpressPages: This image from Niles Partners provides ImpressPages with a LAMP stack. ImpressPages is an open-source PHP framework with a built-in content editor. Features include a model-view-controller engine, inline editing, and a drag-and-drop interface.


InstantCMS: This image from Niles Partners provides InstantCMS along with a LAMP stack on Ubuntu. InstantCMS is a Russian open-source content management system that uses PHP and MySQL. It's mainly used for creating large portals, social networks, or high-load sites.


Kafka: This image from Niles Partners provides Apache Kafka, Hadoop, and HBase on Ubuntu. Kafka, a high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling data feeds, provides millisecond responses to support customer-facing applications and connecting downstream systems with real-time data.


Kajona: This image from Niles Partners provides Kajona, an open-source content management framework. To operate it, you need a relational database system like MySQL or PostgreSQL. The abstraction provided by Kajona's database layer makes it possible to connect almost all relational database systems with the CMS.


Laravel: This image from Niles Partners provides Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework, along with a LAMP stack. Laravel is intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Minitab Statistical Software.png

Minitab Statistical Software: Minitab Statistical Software gives you the tools you need to analyze your data and make informed decisions about how to improve your business. Discover trends, find and predict patterns, uncover hidden relationships between variables, and create stunning visualizations.

Minitab Workspace.png

Minitab Workspace: Minitab Workspace brings together powerful visual tools and forms in one intuitive interface that helps you create processes, identify improvement opportunities, and make problems easier to solve.


MRBS: This image from Niles Partners provides MRBS, a meeting room booking system with simple-to-follow web-based options. MRBS supports MySQL and Postgres and can be translated to Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or numerous other languages.


October CMS: This image from Niles Partners provides October on Ubuntu along with a LAMP stack. October is a self-hosted content management system based on the PHP programming language and the Laravel web application framework.


osTicket: This image from Niles Partners provides osTicket along with NGINX and a LAMP stack. osTicket is a widely used open-source support ticketing system. Quickly solve your customer issues with osTicket.


PHP Fusion: This image from Niles Partners provides PHP Fusion, a lightweight open-source content management system, along with a LAMP stack. PHP Fusion utilizes a MySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple yet comprehensive administration system.


Pivotx: This image from Niles Partners provides Pivotx on Ubuntu. Also included is a LAMP stack. Pivotx is open-source software that uses MySQL or flat files as a database, and it's used for maintaining weblogs, online journals, or other frequently updated websites.


PrestaShop: This image from Niles Partners provides PrestaShop on Ubuntu along with a LAMP stack. PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution. PrestaShop templates are used by more than 250,000 shops worldwide and are available in 60 different languages.

Professional Service Automation by OnePlan.png

Professional Service Automation by OnePlan: OnePlan’s Professional Services Automation supplies service delivery organizations with a single system of engagement for project planning, resourcing, delivery, and time management. Streamline your delivery with workflows that align with every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Prometheus Server.png

Prometheus Server with Support from Linnovate: This image from Linnovate Technologies provides Prometheus Server. Power your metrics and alerting with Prometheus, a leading open-source monitoring solution with multiple modes for visualizing data.


Serendipity: This image from Niles Partners provides Serendipity, a PHP-powered weblog engine, along with a LAMP stack. Although the default package is designed for the casual blogger, Serendipity offers an expandable framework and a robust editing interface.

SMART Classify.png

SMART Classify: SMART Classify, part of the SMART Suite from Mint Management Technologies, lets companies ingest data via scanning solutions or other channels and take it to the cloud, where AI can classify it according to business rules and legislative requirements.


Spark: This image from Niles Partners provides MLlib, the machine learning library for the Spark analytics engine. MLlib offers learning algorithms and utilities, including classification, regression, clustering, collaborative filtering, and dimensionality reduction.


Spip: This image from Niles Partners provides Spip, which is used in community portals, academic sites, personal webpages, and news sites. Spip integrates a cache mechanism, an authentication system, an automatic setup module, and an interface for the administration and input of articles.


SuiteCRM: This image from Niles Partners provides SuiteCRM, an open-source fork of the popular customer relationship management system SugarCRM. Also included is a LAMP stack.


Zenario: This image from Niles Partners provides Zenario, an open-source content management system, along with a LAMP stack. Zenario can accommodate any visual template design and has tools for managing users, location, and geographic and organizational information.

Go further with partner consulting services

[dot] NET App Modernization.png

.NET App Modernization Discovery: 1-Day Workshop: Find out how to evaluate and prioritize .NET applications for modernization in this workshop from Altron Karabina. Special emphasis will be given to best practices, design patterns, migration strategy, common obstacles, and Azure costs.

2-Day Azure Synapse Analytics.png

2-Day Azure Synapse Analytics and Purview Workshop: In Acuvate's workshop, IT managers will implement an end-to-end Microsoft Azure Synapse analytics workspace with Serverless, Apache Spark, Azure Synapse Link, Microsoft Power BI, and Azure Machine Learning.

2-Week Sustainability Assessment.png

2-Week Sustainability Assessment: Kin + Carta will deliver an opportunity assessment and sustainability road map for implementation tied to key objectives and key performance indicators. Move toward your sustainability goals by evaluating your initiatives and matching opportunities to solutions.

30 Day Hadoop.png

30-Day Hadoop to Azure Synapse Migration Assessment: Today's rapidly changing business dynamics demand a level of agility that many platforms of the past cannot meet. Plot out your migration from Hadoop to Microsoft Azure Synapse with Adastra’s 30-day migration assessment.

4Share Enablement.png

4Share Enablement: 1-Month Proof of Concept: AccTech Systems, part of 4sight, will deliver a proof of concept of 4Share Portal, a cloud-native, single-entry-point enablement platform designed as a modern workspace where employees can connect and gain greater visibility of tasks and other information.

4wardPRO Cloud Governance Implementation.png

4wardPRO Cloud Governance Implementation: 4ward will define and implement cloud governance policies for workloads running on Microsoft Azure. The duration of the service will depend on the size and complexity of your company's environment. This offer is available only in Italian.

4wardPRO Data Protection implementation.png 4wardPRO Data Protection implementation: 4ward will implement a data protection solution using proprietary datacenters located in different geographic locations or through the adoption of resources in the public cloud (Microsoft Azure). This offer is available only in Italian.
4wardPRO Disaster Recovery.png 4wardPRO Disaster Recovery Implementation: 4ward will implement disaster recovery plans for on-premises infrastructures and/or cloud environments, providing you the possibility to easily orchestrate and test all scenarios. This offer is available only in Italian.
4wardPRO Modern Datacenter.png 4wardPRO Modern Datacenter Implementation: In this engagement, 4ward will implement hybrid datacenters, hyper-converged infrastructures, enterprise workload automation, and more. This offer is available only in Italian.
4wardPRO Modern Networking.png 4wardPRO Modern Networking Implementation: In this engagement, 4ward will implement IT environment monitoring services, wireless network security, secure remote access, and hybrid architectures. This offer is available only in Italian.
App Modernization Assessment.png

App Modernization Assessment using Azure (3 Weeks): Acuvate will advise you on application modernization and define a migration road map to Microsoft Azure. Acuvate will analyze the feasibility of modernizing and help you innovate faster and improve reliability.

Azure AD Advisory.png Azure Active Directory Advisory: 2-Week Workshop: NTT DATA’s engagement aligns Microsoft Identity and Access Management with your users and application provisioning, security framework, and compliance requirements to protect your organization from risks and risky behavior.
Azure Advanced Data Analytics.png

Azure Advanced Data Analytics: 1-Day Workshop: This offering from Cloocus focuses on abuser detection using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Experience data analytics solutions and apply them directly to your business workloads. This offer is available only in Korean. 

Azure AI Immersion.png

Azure AI Immersion: 6-Hour Workshop: Let MOYO take you on a deeper dive into Microsoft Azure AI services, including Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Knowledge Mining.

Azure Backup as a Service.png

Azure Backup as a Service: 4-Day Proof of Concept: Ismile Technologies’ proof of concept enables customers to see data backup, recovery, portability, and visibility by setting up two workloads on Microsoft Azure. With Azure Backup, you gain complete protection from malware.

Azure Cloud Consulting.png

Azure Cloud Consulting: 1-Day Workshop: diva-e complements cloud computing with the right advice and supports customers with extensive know-how in the areas of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Select your specific cloud focus topic before the start of the workshop. This offering is available only in German.

Azure Cloud Migration.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 2-Week Implementation: Is your client struggling with Windows and SQL end of service? Sirius will leverage its proven Sirius Cloud-Go! methodology to help clients determine their best strategy to maintain access to a secure Windows Server and migrate to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Cloud Readiness.png

Azure Cloud Readiness: 4-Week Assessment: CloudEQ’s experienced team will provide a comprehensive Microsoft Azure readiness assessment, which leads customers through a seamless Azure migration journey.

Azure Data Platform Briefing.png

Azure Data Platform Briefing: GSTEP helps organizations understand how their data can be integrated using Microsoft Azure. Learn about the potential of Azure within the organization without having to compromise with a complex and long project beforehand.

Azure DevOps workshop.png

Azure DevOps: 4-Hour Workshop: Master your entry into Microsoft Azure DevOps with fme’s offering. fme's method and toolset can be used for different Azure scenarios, including web applications, IoT setups, or machine learning. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Governance Readiness.png

Azure Governance Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: This consultation with Sirius is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and provides experienced guidance for organizations that have not yet developed a mature Microsoft Azure governance program.

Azure Hands-On workshop.png

Azure Hands-On: 4-Hour Workshop: Experts from fme will provide a general introduction to Microsoft Azure and help you determine the most suitable solution and architecture approach for your applications. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Health Check.png

Azure Health Check: 5-Day Assessment: This engagement with iSYSTEMS provides a health score for your Microsoft Azure environment, a comprehensive report detailing opportunities for improvement, and best practices recommendations.

Azure Landing Zone implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 2-Week Implementation: Through collaborative workshops with your organization, Officeline experts will implement a secure and efficient Microsoft Azure foundation based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). 

Azure Migration Program.png

Azure Migration Program: 5-Week Implementation: Modernize your infrastructure with this Microsoft Azure migration implementation from FX. You get a migration readiness assessment, a migration road map, a strategy plan, and an environment operationalization.

Azure Sentinel briefing.png

Azure Sentinel: 2-Hour Briefing: Reach your security objectives with this Noibit consultation and with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a scalable, cloud-native, security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution.

Azure Stack HCI.png

Azure Stack HCI: 5-Day Assessment: Let Acuutech do the design math for you to calculate the optimal hardware and networking configuration for your Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) needs, allowing you to focus on your business.

Azure Stack HCI (8 Weeks).png

Azure Stack HCI: 8-Week Implementation: Experts from myCloudDoor will assess requirements and deploy Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) to affordably meet the evolving IT demands of your branch offices, retail stores, and field locations.

Azure Virtual Desktop (2 weeks).png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Implementation: Certified Microsoft Azure architects from Sirius will work with you to design and implement optimal Azure Virtual Desktop solutions for your needs and then guide you through employee adoption.

Azure Virtual Desktop implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: Enable users to connect to their virtual apps and desktops by deploying a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environment on Logicalis' platform, with key requirements aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure VMware Solutions.png

Azure VMware Solutions: 4-Week Implementation: Logicalis Asia, part of the Logicalis Group, will enable a fast migration path with Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, allowing you to migrate or extend your VMware workloads to Azure from your on-premises environment. 

Cloud Strategy workshop.png

Cloud Strategy: 3-Week Workshop: A well-designed cloud strategy allows for easy IT scalability and efficient cost management. T-Systems will help your company design yours throughout a series of workshops that align with the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This offer is available in Hungarian.

Cyber Security Controls.png

Cyber Security Controls: 3-Day Assessment: Has your organization deployed resources to the cloud, or are you planning to move resources to the cloud? Altron Karabina's assessment will examine your security controls across business processes and technologies to help you understand and improve your security posture.

Database Migration Plan.png

Database Migration Plan: 5-Day Assessment: Dario IT Solutions will map the dependencies of your business applications and analyze your security needs, then deliver a migration plan, including milestones for success and cost estimates.

Empowering Azure AI.png

Empowering Azure AI: 2-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Sirius Computer Solutions will demonstrate an Azure AI use case in your test environment. Unlock your business's potential by proving your ideas on a broader scale and having access to your own environment with Azure AI processes running.

HPC Azure Cluster.png

HPC Azure Cluster Big Data Workloads: 5-Day Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, Ismile Technologies will set up and manage high-performance computing clusters on Microsoft Azure so you can more quickly process your big-data workloads and achieve deeper insights through advanced analytics.

Hybrid Cloud.png

Hybrid Cloud: 10-Week Implementation: ECS will provide you with the design and architecture for a hybrid-cloud environment that meets your organization’s architecture, operational, and budgetary requirements. ECS will utilize multiple Azure services, including Azure Arc and Azure Active Directory.

Hybrid Development Environment.png

Hybrid Development Environment: 8-Week Assessment: T-Systems will build a preintegrated, best-practice hybrid development environment. Full or partial development and testing activity can then be moved there cost-effectively. This service is available only in Hungarian.

Migration Data.png

Migration Data and Infrastructure: 2-Week Implementation: inventCloud will assess which of your organization's on-premises resources are ready to migrate to Microsoft Azure so you can ensure operational continuity. This offer is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Multilingual Chat Services.png

Multilingual Chat Services: 4-Week Implementation: Improve your customers' experience by supporting them in their native language. In this offer, Acuvate will implement multilingual chat capabilities via Microsoft language detection and translation services.

Passwordless workshop.png

Passwordless Workshop: Learn about the benefits of a passwordless model in this workshop from Elisa Oyj. Delivered in Finnish or English, the workshop will be hands-on and delivered in two parts over either one day or two days. It will also involve setting up a proof-of-concept environment.

Salesforce to Azure Analytics.png

Salesforce to Azure Analytics: 4-Week Implementation: Dotsquares' migration package will replicate your data from Salesforce to Microsoft Azure. Dotsquares will assess your Salesforce data in the context of Azure, design data models, build a migration solution, and ensure the completeness of the migration.

SAP on Azure.png

SAP on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Take advantage of continuous end-user support from AGIT's implementation and managed services package for SAP on Azure. This offer provides preventive maintenance activities, virtual machine and network performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Security Operations Center.png Security Operations Centre (SOC): 4-Week Proof of Concept: Byte Information Technology's security operations experts will utilize Microsoft Azure Sentinel in this proof of concept, granting you access to a full alert and escalation notification system with nonstop security monitoring.

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