Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 164
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 121 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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78 Card Game.png 78 Card Game: Play the traditional 78 Card Game, also known as the Indian satti atthi game, online by yourself or with friends. Players strategize to win this 15-hand game by taking the most tricks. This game by Pistalix Solution is similar to Euchre or Spades.
235 Do Teen Panch.png 235 Do Teen Panch: This is a simple card game mostly played in India. Players can choose the number of rounds they want to play by selecting “Private Table” mode. The winner will earn coins. It features stats of players’ game score and daily new quests to make the game exciting.
325 Card Game - Teen Do Panch.png 325 Card Game - Teen Do Panch: In this online card game, three players compete to take the most tricks in 325 - Teen Do Panch. This popular Indian card game by Pistalix Solution is easy to learn and play. Customize your game and win rewards through this exciting platform.
AlmaLinux 8 with a 120 GiB LVM managed OS disk.png

AlmaLinux 8 with 120 GiB LVM Managed OS disk: ProComputers offers this image of AlmaLinux 8, a base system used to build and test appliances. This image contains just enough packages to run in Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to login.


AwareGO: AwareGO helps you build a strong security culture by training your employees to be the first line of cyber defenders. Employees learn through short, high quality security awareness training videos and fun and engaging follow-up content.


Bhabhi: This card game is very popular in the Punjab region of India and is commonly known as "Thulla" in Hindi. The objective of the game is to discard all the cards in your hand as quickly as possible. It has 3 modes and can be modified to make it challenging.

BI.Qube Meta-control for ETL.png

BI.Qube Meta-control for ETL: BI.Qube helps you monitor the load on your data processing services, then identify and prevent unpredictable denials of service for your Microsoft Azure data warehouse. This application is available only in Russian.

Call Break - Lakdi.png

Call Break - Lakdi: A standard international 52-card deck is required to play this complex game also known as Lakadi or Lakdi in India. There are 5 rounds in the Call Break game and players must bid several tricks to win or earn a negative score as penalty, if they fail to do so.

Call Bridge Card Game Offline.png

Call Bridge Card Game Offline: Popular in Bangladesh, Call Bridge Card Game Offline by Pistalix Solution, is a is very addictive card game of tricks, bidding and trumps. Spades are permanent trumps and players win by taking the most number of tricks.

CentOS Stream LVM.png

CentOS Stream LVM: This minimal CentOS Stream image from ProComputers provides a development platform designed for CentOS community members, Red Hat partners, and developers to see what’s coming next and to help shape Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Court Piece Offline.png

Court Piece Offline: The card game Court Piece Offline, goes by many other names such as Hokm, Rung, Band Rung, or Kot Pees. It's a fun multiplayer game you can play with friends and family, or solo. This trick-taking game by Pistalix Solution offers multiple play options.

Excelero NVMesh - Accelerating intensive workloads.png

Excelero NVMesh - Accelerating Intensive Workloads: Excelero delivers reliable, cost-effective, scalable storage solutions for the most demanding workloads to help run your artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, database, and data analytics in Microsoft Azure.

Gin Rummy Offline.png

Gin Rummy Offline: Gin Rummy is a popular two-player card game that progresses much faster than the multiplayer version. The objective is to collect sets of 3 or more cards that "go together" or meld. Any card in a player's hand that's not part of a meld is a deadwood.

Indian Rummy Offline.png

Indian Rummy Offline: Play Indian Rummy offline alone or with friends. Identify run patterns to outscore your opponents. Beautiful user interface and amazing sound effects provide an extraordinary game experience. Engage your brain anytime and anywhere.

Linux image with Web-based System Admin Interface.png

Linux Image with Web-based System Admin Interface: This Microsoft Azure image from VMLab delivers all you need to run Webmin, a web-based admin for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can set up user accounts, Apache, file sharing, and much more.


Medicai: This collaborative medical imaging platform connects patients, clinics, and hospitals. Microsoft Azure enables Medicai to quickly adapt to increases in usage and to benefit from the flexibility, security, and reliability of the Microsoft cloud.

Mindi - Desi Game - Mendi - Mendicot.png

Mindi - Desi Game - Mendi - Mendicot: This card game goes by many names in India such as Mendi, Mendicot, or Panna. It's an easy, multiplayer team game where the objective is to win a maximum number of 10 cards and complete as many 'kot' or coats against the opponents.

Pobuca Knowledge.png

Pobuca Knowledge: Use artificial intelligence to analyze conversations from all customer touchpoints to: engage your customer service agents, offer call center agent performance evaluation, and extract questions and answers for your customer service bot knowledge base.

Rocky Linux 8.png

Rocky Linux 8: Cognosys offers this Microsoft Azure image of Rocky Linux 8, a downstream, complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system source code. This project provides a community-supported, production-grade enterprise operating system.

Rocky Linux 8 Latest.png

Rocky Linux 8 Latest: This Linux distribution is intended to be a downstream, complete binary-compatible release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system source code. The project aims to provide community-supported, production-grade enterprise operating system.

Rocky Linux 8 LVM.png

Rocky Linux 8 LVM: This is a community enterprise operating system designed to be 100 percent binary-compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The root logical volume and the corresponding filesystem is automatically extended during boot if the instance volume is bigger than the default one.

Rocky Linux 8 with Latest Updates.png

Rocky Linux 8 with Latest Updates: This is the latest image that is automatically updated at launch, making sure you are always running the most secure version available. It is mainly used as a common base system on top of which other appliances could be built and tested.

Rocky Linux 8.4.png

Rocky Linux 8.4: Rocky Linux aims to function as a downstream build as CentOS had done previously, building releases after they have been added by the upstream vendor. Rocky Linux cloud images are pre-installed disk images customized to run on cloud platforms.

Rummy Offline.png

Rummy Offline: Rummy Offline has an intuitive interface and is fun to play but requires skill, memory, and an immersive focus, if you want to win the game. The joker card can be used as a substitute for any other card to form combinations called non-pure sequence or set.


Rung: This multi-player card game, Rung, can be played in Hindi, English or Gujarati. Typical play is stopped after one team has won 7 tricks. Multiple play options keeps this game exciting. Enjoy this competitive strategy game alone or with friends.


Spinpanel: This solution enables organizations to sell, deploy, and automate Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions. It provides detailed insights in usage and invoicing data and provides intuitive self-service options. Fast and easy, Spinpanel reduces instances of errors and boosts efficiency.


STREAMBOXY: STREAMBOXY helps businesses host personalized virtual conferences and events by allowing users to design their own viewer experience. Using a host of Microsoft Azure Media Services it lets viewers interact through live-voting, shopping or even by joining the stream and being a visible part of an event or sports tournament. 

Tamr - 1-Year Workspace - Customer Hosted.png

Tamr: Tamr is a new approach to data integration that uses supervised machine learning to make it faster and easier to unify large numbers of heterogeneous sources. The result is a new class of data assets that deliver a unified view of key entities, and more.

Teen Patti Master - Indian 3Patti Card Game online.png

Teen Patti Master - Indian 3Patti Card Game Online: You can show off your Teen Patti skills in this online multiplayer three-card poker game. TeenPatti Master is a version of Teen Patti and even though you do not gain any monetary value the entertainment in invaluable.

TigerGraph Cloud.png

TigerGraph Cloud: This solution a distributed native graph Database-as-a-Service. It helps businesses harness the power of the graph. It is built for people who would rather be building innovative applications that deliver new insights than managing databases.

Tonk - Free Rummy Game.png

Tonk - Free Rummy Game: Players can enjoy the strategy and pace of Tonk, a free knock Rummy card game. This popular game by Pistalix Solution is available in Hindi, English and Gujarati. Enjoy playing this free card game with family, friends and people across the world.

Go further with partner consulting services

AppDynamics by Atos- 10-Week Implementation.png

AppDynamics by Atos: 10-Week Implementation: Atos will integrate AppDynamics with Microsoft Azure for intelligent monitoring of services running in the cloud. The integration allows auto-discovery of your Azure hybrid cloud environment with no manual configuration.

AppDynamics 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

AppDynamics by Atos: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This offering, delivered by Atos, provides end-to-end application visibility across your Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments. Integrate AppDynamics with Azure for intelligent monitoring of services running in the cloud.

Application Modernization Strategy- 2-Day Workshop.png

Application Modernization Strategy: 2-Day Workshop: Insight experts will review your application ecosystem and work with you to prioritize moving legacy applications to Microsoft Azure with supporting technical architectures and defined service improvement opportunities.

Application Modernization Workshop with Azure.png

Application Modernization with Azure: 1- to 2-Day Workshop: Kickstart your app modernization with Microsoft Azure by using this service from inovex. A structured plan to modernize your infrastructure and software will be provided after a thorough review.

AVD Deployment Services- 4-Week Implementation.png

AVD Deployment Services: 4-Week Implementation: Whether your application is hosted in your datacenter or native to the cloud, Nexus will help build the bridge using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. This implementation will deliver your applications on any device without compromising performance, management, security, and governance.

AI in Azure- 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure AI: 3-Day Workshop: Expertime trainers will help your business accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence through three days of discovery and experimentation with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services. This service is available only in French.

Azure Arc- 5-Day Quick Start Workshop.png

Azure Arc: 5-Day Quick Start Workshop: In this workshop, Coretek’s experts will lead your organization to adopt Microsoft Azure Arc and simplify your hybrid cloud for better operations and increased agility. Learn how to unify and manage your data services, kubernetes and servers through a single management plane.

Azure Backup- 2-Week Implementation Services.png

Azure Backup Services: 2-Week Implementation: Data experts from BYTE will introduce your organization to a scalable, cost-effective backup solution for Microsoft Azure. Azure-certified engineers will implement a solution that will cover your day-to-day backup requirements without the need for expensive storage.

Azure Cloud Security Consulting - 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud Security Consulting: 2-Week Assessment: See how you can secure your business against cyber threats with this consultation by L&T Technology Services. Get advice on risks and gaps, and learn about available cybersecurity and risk services.

Azure Computer Vision- 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure Computer Vision: 10-Week Implementation: Nexer will take your service use case from idea to pilot within 10 weeks by creating a Microsoft Azure Computer Vision pilot platform. Drive your digital transformation initiatives through the application of live video analytics.

Azure DevOps & Automation- 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure DevOps & Automation: 10-Day Implementation: In this engagement, QUANTIQ experts will present both the technological and cultural benefits of applying a Microsoft Azure DevOps approach to your digital transformational journey. Fast-track your understanding through real-world examples and benefit from scalable solutions.

Azure Foundation & Landing Zone- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Foundation & Landing Zone: 4-Week Implementation: The experts from Cyclotron will review your current environment and help create a Microsoft Azure Landing Zone based on industry best practice. Make your business more scalable to your customer needs by building capacity that can respond to global and regional demands.

Azure Kubernetes Service Foundation- 5-Week Implementation.png

Azure Kubernetes Service Foundation: 5-Week Implementation: Devoteam's experts will set up a customized Kubernetes service in your Microsoft Azure environment, ready to quickly accommodate your future microservices applications. This offer is only available in French.

Azure Landing Zone- 4 Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 4-Week Implementation: This service from iCubed is aligned to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and will create an Azure Landing Zone that will provide a production-ready, well-governed, and secure environment capable of supporting migrated and net-new deployments to the Azure cloud.

Azure Sentinel- 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure Sentinel: 3-Day Workshop: Get an overview of Azure Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with an Azure Sentinel Workshop delivered by ZIAAS. See and stop threats before they can cause harm.

Azure SQL Migration- 5-Day Workshop.png

Azure SQL Migration: 5-Day Workshop: Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, Rackspace experts will review your SQL Server environment and its prospects for cloud migration. A roadmap to make a cost-effective transition to Microsoft Azure will be provided.

Azure VMware Solution- 6-Day Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution: 6-Day Implementation: Accelerate adoption and return on investment for your VMware move to Microsoft Azure with the help of this TeamWork consultation, focusing on cloud architecture, migration strategy, networking, storage, and security.

Azure WAN Optimisation- 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure WAN Optimization: 2-Week Implementation: Atech's offer includes a comprehensive performance and cost assessment of your current connectivity services with a design plan to implement and configure Microsoft Azure firewalls and Azure virtual WAN to achieve cost-optimized network connectivity.

Better Modern Data for Azure- 2-Week Assessment.png

Better Modern Data for Azure: 2-Week Assessment: Damani Data's team of cloud experts can identify solutions, blueprint an infrastructure model, and execute a Microsoft Azure migration strategy that will fast track your organization’s digital transformation journey.

CAF for Azure- 2-Hour Cloud Strategy Briefing.png

CAF for Azure: 2-Hour Cloud Strategy Briefing: Learn from the experts at CS IT about the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to plan transformational processes, develop a strategy, and implement it in Microsoft Azure. This offer is only available in Russian.

Certifica- 10-Week Implementation.png

Certifica: 10-Week Implementation: beanTech consultancy will help implement its Certifica solution that uses Microsoft Azure services and Power BI along with Blockchain technology to supervise, streamline and track your entire supply chain. This offer is available only in Italian.

Citrix on Azure Access Solution- 3-Week Implementation.png

Citrix on Azure Access Solution: 3-Week Implementation: This Provectus Technologies implementation provides secure access to your Citrix environment using single sign-on from Microsoft Azure Active Directory for web, SaaS, and terminal server applications.

Data Analytics Platform- 4- to 8-Week Assessment.png

Data Analytics Platform: 4- to 8-Week Assessment: Find out how you can migrate your data to Microsoft Azure and visualize via Microsoft Power BI dashboards. The data experts at Neit Group will assess your sources, propose a solution, and suggest a project roadmap.

Data Capture Service- 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Capture Service: 4-Week Implementation: Is all your corporate data scattered on-premises and across SaaS apps? Bring that data to Microsoft Azure in a data utilization environment via Azure Data Factory. This consulting offer is only available in Japanese.

Data Intelligence with Azure Synapse Implementation.png

Data Intelligence with Azure Synapse Implementation: Unlock the door to AI, machine learning, and real-time analytics while gleaning actionable insights in this offer from Softchoice. Their experts will identify and support your key business objectives with a customized Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics implementation.

Data Utilization Infrastructure Construction Service- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Data Utilization Infrastructure Construction Service: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Consolidate your corporate data scattered on-premises and across SaaS apps with this engagement from Nissho Electronics. Experts will collect, connect, and visualize the data using Microsoft Azure Data Factory and Power BI. This service is available only in Japanese. 

Digital Performance Management for SAP- 10-Week Implementation.png

Digital Performance Management for SAP: 10-Week Implementation: Atos will integrate AppDynamics with SAP on Microsoft Azure to provide end-to-end visibility of SAP-dependent business transactions across your Azure and on-prem environments. No manual configuration is required for this integration.

DXC MLOps Advisory Services.png

DXC MLOps Advisory Services: Maximize your artificial intelligence investment benefits with DXC services. You will accelerate deployment times, ensure robust operations, achieve machine learning model traceability, and integrate analytic insights with your business processes.

Dynatrace by Atos- 10-Week Implementation.png

Dynatrace: 4-Week Proof of ConceptThis proof of concept service by Atos helps companies solve Microsoft Azure issues and maximize business interfaces, enhance cross-team efficiency, and support Azure cloud migrations.

Dynatrace- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Dynatrace: 10-Week Implementation: Atos’ implementation will provide intelligent monitoring and end-to-end application visibility across all your services running on Microsoft Azure. Build cross-team efficiency and transform DevOps with this Dynatrace integration.

Epic on Azure- 4-Week IT Environment Assessment.png

Epic on Azure: 4-Week IT Environment Assessment: Open Systems Technologies experts will assess your existing Epic IT environment, compare your current projected costs with Epic on Microsoft Azure, and make data-driven recommendations to optimize spend and performance.

HeroPath- 8-Week Implementation.png

HeroPath: 8-Week Implementation: HeroPath’s accelerator programs support companies with Microsoft Azure migration and modern data platform solutions, enabling any organization to adapt, innovate, recover, and grow. The Azure cloud environment is highly scalable, and you only pay for what you need.

Hybrid Cloud Security- 3-Day Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud Security: 3-Day WorkshopThis Microsoft-funded consultancy by ZIAAS covers the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft Azure Defender and Azure network security, empowering your team to identify, prioritize, and confront security threats. Deliverables include an objectives-based security plan.

Informatica to ADF Migration- 2-Hour Workshop.png

Informatica to ADF Migration: 2-Hour WorkshopHexaware’s workshop will provide estimates on cost and timeline for migrating Informatica and ETL workloads to Azure Data Factory/ PySpark. Hexaware’s risk-mitigated approach helps enterprises anticipate and sidestep potential hazards and additional costs.

Java App Modernization- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Java App Modernization: 6-Week Proof of Concept: AIS will help you push through the blockers of Java application modernization with an assessment and migration to Microsoft Azure. AIS experts will demonstrate how you can migrate these large, inflexible applications to Azure.

KINISI-Data Migration Accelerator for Cloud- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

KINISI-Data Migration Accelerator for Cloud: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Neudesic Technologies' data migration accelerator will jumpstart your data migration from on-premise DBs (dbms, nosql, datawarehouse) to cloud based data platforms like Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse DW, Azure cloud SQL. 

Legacy Application Modernisation- 5-Day Workshop.png

Legacy Application Modernisation: 5-Day Workshop: Do you have applications running on Microsoft legacy servers and operating systems? Teba's application modernization service will assess your readiness and create an actionable plan with benefits and costs to migrate your apps to Windows 10 and/or Azure Virtual Desktop.

Legal Firm Analytics- 4-Hour Assessment.png

Legal Firm Analytics: 4-Hour Assessment: New Era Technology will assess your environment and recommend the legal analytics reporting you require. Leveraging a foundation of Microsoft services, enable your organization to know exactly where they stand with open client billings.

Migrate to Azure- 10-Day Assessment .png

Migrate to Azure: 10-Day Assessment: Intikom’s service includes an assessment, advice, migration service, and sharing knowledge with the customer about Microsoft. It also includes a number of workshops focusing on how to use Azure as a portal and for infrastructure.

Migration to Azure Cloud- 6-Week Assessment.png

Migration to Azure Cloud: 6-Week Assessment: Scan, assess, strategize, and migrate data and applications to Microsoft Azure. Experts from L&T Technology Services will closely work with engineering customers to formulate a migration plan on how to transform their operations to take advantage of Microsoft Azure and cloud technologies.

Optimization through IoT and ML- 4-Week Implementation.png

Optimization through IoT and ML: 4-Week Implementation: Noser Engineering will implement real-time production equipment monitoring through Microsoft Azure IoT Hub to reduce downtime and predict service needs before a failure. This offer is only available in German.

Oracle to Azure- 1-Week Implementation.png

Oracle to Azure: 1-Week Implementation: EASYTEAM, a Constellation company, offers its Oracle and Microsoft Azure cloud expertise to help implement the best solution for your Oracle databases. Azure infrastructure provides security, performance, availability and instantly activated capacity. This offer is only available in French.

SAS to ADF Migration- 2-Hour Workshop.png

SAS to ADF Migration: 2-Hour Workshop: This offering provides estimates on cost and timeline for migrating SAS to Microsoft Azure Data Factory/PySpark via a risk-mitigated approach using Hexaware’s AMAZE. Typically, this brings a 40 percent to 50 percent savings on licensing.

Security Baselines- 2-Week Implementation.png

Security Baselines: 2-Week Implementation: This service from Atech enables clients to get started with or extend their use of Microsoft Azure by delivering the expertise and capabilities they require. The findings will be presented to create a secure and scalable configuration.

Smart Utility Platform- 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Smart Utility Platform: 10-Week Proof of Concept: This POC from beanTech is aimed at implementing an IoT platform designed for bidirectional communication with field devices and to simplify the relationship between utilities and citizens. This offer is only available in Italian.

Spotlight Consulting- 1-Hour Assessment.png

Lucient Spotlight Consulting: 1-Hour Assessment: Lucient will help you find a solution path to your SQL Server data management issues, or evaluate if migrating to the cloud is an option for your organization. Diagnose the right issue quickly and efficiently for your technical headache.

Spreadsheets to Cloud- 3-Week Implementation.png

Spreadsheets to Cloud: 3-Week Implementation: TechConnect can show value by moving business reporting from spreadsheets onto cost-effective Microsoft Azure cloud storage and premium visuals using Microsoft Power BI. Improve your data presentation and reporting.

TCS Datom- Microsoft Azure- 8-Week Assessment .png

TCS Datom- Microsoft Azure: 8-Week Assessment: TCS’ Data and Analytics Target Operating Model brings in a unique and comprehensive approach for defining holistic strategy toward wider Microsoft Azure adoption, embracing the risks with a well-defined recipe.

Unified Industrial Data Lake- 8-Week Implementation.png

Unified Industrial Data Lake: 8-Week Implementation: Glowbyte offers a solution based on Microsoft Azure to collect all data about your production in a single consolidated structure that is convenient for analysis and decision-making. This offer is only available in Russian.

VCIO Interim CXO Custom Consultancy- 1-Day Workshop.png

VCIO Interim CXO Custom Consultancy: 1-Day Workshop: Atech’s service offers strategic planning around your Microsoft Azure implementation and budget optimization, security, and compliance management to create a technology roadmap centered around Microsoft solutions.

Workload Migration dans Azure - 1-Week Implementation.png

Workload Migration to Azure: 1-Week Implementation: EASYTEAM, a Constellation company, will support your team with a proven migration method, guaranteed performance during migration, and controlled evolution during the lifecycle. This offering is only available in French.

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