Did you see the latest news about how Viva is using AI to enhance employee experience?


On April 20, our Viva apps announced big improvements featuring AI capabilities coming this year with Copilot...

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Want to learn more about what's happening with a specific app? Here are the blog posts where you can dive in now. 

Viva Topics - Copilot in Viva Topics helps you harness your organization’s shared intelligence to distribute best practices and knowledge to everyone.You will have the ability to uncover new opportunities by summarizing complex topics across multiple connected documents, translating topic pages based on sources in other languages, and analyzing connections between seemingly disparate concepts.

Viva Goals -  Copilot in Viva Goals leverages next-generation AI capabilities to unlock productivity by creating and refining your goals, while also removing the manual work around check- ins and progress.


Viva EngageCopilot in Viva Engage suggests a set of topics to post about, pulled from trending content, organizational campaigns, and data-driven best practices.

Viva GlintCopilot will come later this year to Viva Glint, providing organization leaders with a robust way to quickly zero in on top issues and potential solutions from employee feedback. 


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