Foster engagement and productivity and measure the impact of Copilot investments with Viva Insights
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We’re excited to announce several new features and capabilities coming to Viva Insights, including the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Copilot in Viva Insights, new advanced features to help analysts dig deeper into the data, new reports for leaders available out of the box, and more.

Let’s take a look!

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard

To help organizations get the most out of their Copilot investments, we’re excited to announce the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard. The Copilot Dashboard is a purpose-built experience designed to help business leaders prepare for their rollout, understand and drive usage and adoption, and measure the impact of their investments.


The Readiness tab provides visibility into technical eligibility and Microsoft 365 app usage, signaling the number of users that are well positioned to benefit from Copilot.


Readiness_full screen.png

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Readiness tab


Once your rollout us underway, the Adoption tab will tell you how many people are using Copilot, in which apps, and in what ways. This will help you understand where Copilot is adding value and where enablement strategies could drive even more benefit.


Adoption_full screen.png

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Adoption tab


Backed by Microsoft research and controlled experiments, the Impact tab estimates potential time savings across your Copilot users. You’ll also find links to helpful resources as you continue your AI journey.


Impact_full screen.png

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Impact tab



And because it’s important to understand user perception, we’ve included the Sentiment tab, where you can explore employee feedback about the value and benefits Copilot provides.


Copilot Dashboard_Sentiment.png

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Sentiment tab


The Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is available today in public preview as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription:


Additional insights in Microsoft Copilot Dashboard for Viva Insights customers

In early 2024, additional insights that combine Copilot usage metrics with collaboration data will be available in the Copilot Dashboard for Viva Insights licensed users.

Not only will you see how Copilot is being used across Microsoft 365 apps, but you’ll also see how usage impacts factors that influence productivity and engagement as well, such as time spent in meetings, processing emails, or creating content. You can compare how these and other behavioral metrics trend before and after co-pilot adoption, analyze user sentiment against Copilot usage patterns, and more.

Viva Insights analysts will also be able to create custom reports that combine Copilot usage and collaboration data, enabling you to address additional questions about your Copilot rollout and return on investment.


Copilot Dashboard ROI_1.jpg

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, Copilot usage data combined with collaboration data


Copilot Dashboard ROI_2.jpg

Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, employee survey data combined with collaboration data

We will share more details as we get closer to previewing these advanced capabilities.


Microsoft Copilot in Viva Insights

We’re also excited to announce Copilot in Viva Insights, which will bring more value to leaders and simplify the query building process for analysts.

Using natural language as an input, Copilot in Viva Insights will help leaders generate personalized reports that help answer their unique questions about the business.


Organizational leader creating a new report using Copilot for Viva Insights


Copilot in Viva Insights also simplifies the query building process for analysts by suggesting metrics that are relevant to the analysis.

For example, an analyst who wants to understand more about the impact of hybrid work on network composition could use natural language as an input to ask: “Are employees building social capital in the hybrid work environment?” In response, Copilot in Viva Insights would suggest relevant metrics to use in the query, such as internal network size, strong and diverse ties, and influence score along with metrics that relate to work location. Analysts can refine or revise the scope of the analysis at any time during the query building process.

Not only does Copilot in Viva Insights reduce time to results, but it also flattens the learning curve for new analysts. Copilot does all the heavy lifting so that the least experienced analyst can generate an impactful report as quickly and efficiently as the most seasoned analyst.


Copilot in Viva insights for analysts.png

Copilot in Viva Insights assisting with a custom query


Copilot in Viva Insights will be available in private preview January 2024 for Viva Suite licensed users.

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) guided experience

ONA is a powerful tool that can reveal valuable information about your organization. But it requires a unique set of skills and expertise to ask the right questions and interpret results. A new guided workflow will remove the guess work.

This guided reporting-building process will walk analysts through the steps of generating insights and visualizations powered by ONA metrics. Your analysts won’t need to be ONA experts, and you won’t need a data scientist to interpret results - - this experience will do the heavy lifting for you.

The ONA metrics introduced with this capability will help you understand how cross-functional collaboration patterns evolve after a large-scale change or transition, such as a re-org.


ONA analysis_2.png

Viva Insights organizational network analysis graph showing collaboration changes by functional area before and after large scale change


ONA analysis_3.png

Viva Insights organizational network analysis matrix summarizing collaboration changes by functional area before and after large scale change


This feature will be available in private preview January 2024.

Additional analyst value

Remote work detector

A new remote work detector that automatically detects employee work mode will be available in public preview January 2024 and will enable an enhanced version of the Hybrid workforce experience report template.

New metrics powered by the remote work detector used to identify remote, onsite, and hybrid populations will also be available to use in custom queries.


View report templates in the analyst workbench

We’re reducing friction and time-to-value for analysts with a new way to view report templates. This functionality enables analysts to view report template results from within the analyst workbench, eliminating the need to use Power BI Desktop until they are ready to customize or share the report with others. This functionality will be available Q1 2024 for the Meeting effectiveness report template, and available for all report templates in the coming months.


New features and enhancements for leaders

In addition to Copilot for Viva Insights mentioned above, you’ll see several other new features and enhancements coming to the leader experience in the Viva Insights app in Teams. Watch this short video for an overview of the new features and enhancements outlined below that will be available in private preview January 2024.


Overview of new features and enhancements for organizational leaders


New out of the box reports

New reports that address top of mind questions leaders have about their organization, such as new-hire onboarding, meeting cost and effectiveness, and employee engagement, will be available out of the box. Leaders will have the ability to filter across teams and apply new scopes and benchmarks.


OOTB report_Hybrid workplace.png

Viva Insights app in Teams leader experience, Hybrid workplace


Embedded Viva Pulse surveys

Viva Pulse is embedded in the new out of the box reports for leaders, making it easy to gather feedback at any time that provides additional context to collaboration metrics.


Embedded Pulse survey.png

Viva Insights app in Teams leader experience, Hybrid workplace


Leader delegates

We know that leaders are busy and often rely on a Chief of Staff, Business Administrator, or other support staff to help drive results and keep a pulse on the organization. That’s why we’re enabling leaders to appoint delegates that can act on their behalf. Delegates are able to perform any action available to that leader, including generating new reports with the help of Copilot in Viva Insights and sending out Viva Pulse surveys.

Watch this short video for more details.


Viva Insights delegate access overview

In case you missed it

We’ve released a lot of great new functionality over the last few months. If you missed it the first time around, be sure to catch up on the latest extensibility news, including the new connectors, secure egress to Microsoft Fabric, the new R and Python open-source libraries, and more.

Live on the community

Join us for a live community event to learn more about the new R and Python open-source libraries, which analysts can use to further enhance their analysis and visualizations.

Learn more about the event here:

Open-Source Analyst Tools for Viva Insights and How to Use Them
December 5, 2023
9:00 – 10:00 AM PT


Be sure to check out all the great new features across Microsoft Viva apps at


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